The Traveling Hats

Being a life long hat lover this story is close to home in more ways than one. Once upon a time an Oma received an email from her dear Granddaughter. Within the message peppered with smileys was a simple request for a yellow hat. Thus the fingers of the sweet Oma began to swish and slide back and forth creating a new knit hat from fluffy happy yellow yarn. The younger cousin gleefully modeled the finished product for some snap shots to send to the far away Granddaughter anxiously anticipating her gift. Packaged with care the hats (for Oma had been inspired to make two; maybe thinking of Granddaughter’s yellow-adoring little sister) began their intercontinental journey from the hands of the loving Oma to the hands of my girl. A miraculously short trip of two weeks brought the battered envelope to our box. Is it possible that the special nature of the gift gave it an unusual speed? I’d like to think so. My girl’s curls have been dotingly wrapped up in her cheerful yellow traveling hats since the moment they were clutched with ecstatic happiness.


7 thoughts on “The Traveling Hats

  1. So great! Silas has a knitted hat from a family member as well- what a treasure :) I love your story form in this post.

    Thanks also for your comment on my recent post- and for looking in to blood banks in Bolivia!!! It’s a global give-back :)

  2. Cool! Makes me want to crochet some hats for my girls. I need something to do with all the yarn I keep accumulating from yard sales.

    We still have that blanket you had your mom knit for me when I was prego with J. It has always been a favorite of hers.

    Oh, I love the new blog look too, especially that @ picture. Where’d you get that?

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