Reading Regimen

In the book “Prophetic Untimeliness” (page 104) Os Guinness outlines a reading regimen that C.S. Lewis maintained. Lewis said, “It is a good rule, after reading a new book, never allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” Guinness goes on to note, “In tackling a major or minor biography every two or three books I read, I have found my awareness of history steadily expanding along with my appreciation of the colorful throng of men and women who make the human story so fascinating.”

January the biography that I read was about Adoniram Judson. February I finished reading a biography about Lydia (Christensen) Prince. Being one to have at least three books going at a time I have also been plugging through Yancy’s “Rumors of another World” and at an even slower pace Galli’s “Jesus Mean and Wild”.

Wanting something light and carefree I began a Louisa May Alcott book that seems as though it will be delightful reading: “Under the Lilacs”.

But I still have this itch that has not yet been satisfied and I think I am going place in the peripheral my old and new books to read yet another biography. What better way to follow up reading about the wife than reading about the husband? Re-reading the biography about Derek Prince sounds so inviting to me just now.


2 thoughts on “Reading Regimen

  1. I love to read- but I’ve never been inspired to read a biography. I’ve checked them out from the library- only for them to remain unread. I don’t know why- but I have this aversion to them. My all-time favorite author is Wally Lamb. I fill my reads with his I Know This Much Is True and his She’s Come Undone- whenever I need a REALLY good read to get me interested again.

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