Funny Fruit Feature

Chirimoya [chee – dee – moy’ – ah]

It has other names depending on what part of the world you are in: Atemoya, Cherimola, Cherimoya, Custard Apple, Custard Fruit, Sitaphal
Taste: For those that enjoy the fruit they would describe it as sweet, yet mellow with a soft ripe pear feeling, but not so grainy. For those that don’t enjoy it they have described it as mushy with the strong taste of dish detergent or soap bubbles.

Look, size and feel: One of those especially ergonomic fruits it ranges in size from that of a soft ball to four times that size. It is heavy and dense. The bitter green skin bruises and tears easily. The actual fruit that you eat is white and a bit juicy with a few large black seeds throughout.

Just the gals in our house consider it a treat. The guys only like it as a flavor of ice-cream. Even though I just finished eating the one you see in the picture with my daughters, my mouth is watering just typing about this treat. We have a chirimoya tree here at our house, though this one I bought in the market.

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