“You are quite the multi-tasker!” is a comment that I have heard recently on distinct and separate occasions, various times (always said with a raised eyebrow, a sideways grin and a quick chuckle).

The usual repenting reply is, “Yeah, they say I might actually get more done if I focused on one thing at a time.” as I grimace and then sheepishly smile.

Here is my theory: things that can be done without thinking can be combined with some thing that requires thought – as long as the two tasks do not demand the usage of the same body parts. So I usually do look for ways to combine tasks.

Yet there are tasks that I choose not to combine with anything else because I really do value quality. Some of them are: communing, writing, proofing, teaching, good reading, and good listening.

Because so many have noticed that I multi-task I am paying more attention to when I do it. I am in that evaluation stage now to see if it is something that I need to stop doing so as to increase effectiveness. Or is it something that I can keep on doing to my hearts content.


3 thoughts on “Multi-tasker

  1. that’s funny – i wonder how often i do that. it seems some days my “mom brain” is multitasking a couple of different thoughts — when that happens dont try talking at the same time :)

  2. Actually, these are good thoughts. I think any Mom is a multi-tasker, but it’s good to know when not to do it. When to purposefully slow down and focus on something. Can be hard, though, if your brain is running a million miles a second. :)

  3. Sounds like you’ve got it in good perspective… multi-tasking comes in handy when mom-functions are at hand, but I agree- that there is also a time not to multi-task!

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