Cold Morning Breakfast

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we woke up to a crisp and cool 50 degrees (F). Thusly motivated there arose in me a craving for oatmeal. Not having any brown sugar on hand I scurried around the kitchen looking for something to jazz up the blandness in my bowl.

Here are the yummy results!

(One serving)
1 cup oats
¾ cups low fat milk
1 medium banana sliced
¼ cup mixed nuts (almond slices, peanut bits and walnut chunks)
2 dried figs, broke up in pieces
2 tablespoons honey (roughly)

Rub the oats between your hands to crush them. This will make them creamier after cooking. Layer the ingredients as listed above in the bowl that you will be eating from. Honey should be drizzled on top. Zap it in the microwave until the bananas are soft and the oatmeal is hot, about 2 minutes. Enjoy!


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