Roots and the Jungle

These past 2 weeks I have been working at decorating my boys’ room. I still have a couple things to hang on the walls; but the main part is done. I painted a picture of a jungle. It matches the quilt that my aunt made for Tyler when he was born.

The fact that I am decorating my home shows that I have matured. Before, I had a nomadic attitude. I didn’t believe in decorating. I didn’t want to put down any kind of root because I thought it would hurt too much if I had to pull them up for some reason. But this attitude touched some dangerous areas that went much deeper than simply not decorating the house. I guarded myself from making any friendships. Thus I isolated myself. I mistakenly assumed that I would be fine if “Jesus was my only friend”. God graciously helped me to grow up and value the human relationships I have. He is helping me now to learn how to be a good friend. I am so grateful to Him that He has also brought to me good friends.

So, the fact that I have painted the boys’ room shows that I am not afraid of putting down roots. I am pleased with the results. Timothy helped me paint the little yellow squares on the sides. The middle section is about 150 cm (almost 4 foot) tall.


4 thoughts on “Roots and the Jungle

  1. Great job on the room- it looks great! I also hear what you are saying about roots…I always find myself not painting walls and not really giving myself to friendships…because we’ve been so transient. This challenged me!

  2. the bedroom looks great! you’ve got a gift!

    i can totally relate with the friendship-roots. i was just thinking this week that i need to stop justifying my fear of giving all of me in friendship…

  3. you painted that?! looks great, ang!

    and yes…i remember purposely decorating and packing lots of that “extra” stuff when we moved to tulsa so that we wouldn’t have a temporary feel all thru bible school.

    but friendships…another story

  4. Angie,

    The mural looks great! This reminds me of the Noah’s Ark mural you and I did when I was pregnant with my first. It did hurt a little when we left that house, but it was also fun starting over.

    I’m glad you took this step. You might as well make your house a home while you’re there.

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