Translation: BE YOURSELF. Little things catch my eye. This was taken from a 7UP bottle. In the corner it says “La tengo clara”. This is the saying “It is clear to me” and the more literal Spanish word order is “I have it clear”, which is a play on words for the transparency of the soda.

But if you think about it there are some very deep truths here. The main statement is BE YOURSELF. Then the sub-statement is just as impacting: it is clear to me that it is vital that I be who I am created to be. And we could even pull from the focus on the transparency of the soda. Life will be less cloudy and confusing if I will let my true self be shown and maintain a prudent transparency with everyone I meet.

Did you notice what Fido Dido has on his T-shirt? It is a picture of himself! This made me smile. Some people would pop right into Pharisee mode and criticize the “prideful arrogance” displayed by this impertinent youth. I see something different, if you will allow me some liberty to explain.

Humans are created in the very likeness of God himself. When we celebrate our uniqueness we are celebrating the awesome creativity of Someone who delights in our diversity. If he didn’t delight in diversity then why so much trouble doodling billions of different designs for our fingerprints? Audacious adoration by appreciating our originality is a sweet fragrance to our God.

“Now, with God’s help, I shall become myself.” Soren Kierkegaard

Christine Caine put it this way when asked to evaluate the state of the church in this current age, “The church is suffering from Passion Deficiency Disorder.” We have lost our passion for all that Christ is because we have failed to be authentic in our expression. Authenticity, not cookie-cutter religiosity acting as a cover-up, should be the mark of every Christian.

Just for today let’s celebrate who God has made us to be. Of course I am not talking about a license to sinful baseness. I am talking about the liberty to express your authentic originality as a compliment to your Creator. “Se tu mismo.”

(Biblical references: creation Genesis 1 and 2, audacious adoration Psalm 139, originality Hebrews 11)

5 thoughts on “SE TU MISMO

  1. I loved this statement: “Authenticity, not cookie-cutter religiosity acting as a cover-up, should be the mark of every Christian”. POW…that hits to the heart of the matter. Thanks for sharing these thoughts…good stuff!!

  2. Great post! I liked it! I love the goal of being who God made me to be … it makes me at liberty to encourage others to be who God made them to be! It’s a great upward spiral!

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