We are…

Here are some thoughts:

We are living sacrifices that can jump off the altar.
We are Holy Spirit fruit trees that can refuse to bear fruit.
We are living stones that can wiggle out of place and crumble to pieces.
We are a body that at times inflicts personal injuries.
We are a light that is often hidden or snuffed out.
We are an army of soldiers that are sometimes turn-coats.
We are gifts tied up all pretty and neat. When do we get opened?
We are ambassadors and citizens of heaven. Who do we represent with our lifestyle?
We are salt. How is our passion level flavoring society?
We are a city on a hill in plain sight. Is the work of the climb in pursuit of a relationship with us worth the effort?

It all comes down to a choice to submit to the authority of God and His word – or not.

It is not my intention to be in danger of walking on the brink of cynicism or becoming hardened by a spirit of criticism. Rather I hope that these statements would pose a challenge and incite righteous indignation. That there would be in us as a corporate representation of God to this generation a desire to live a life marked by uncompromising love for people who need to see the truth lived in real flesh and blood.


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