Word Passion

Words are one of my passions. I absolutely love that I am able to express myself in two languages; the possibilities are multiplied. My hunger for words never seems to be satiated. Growing up playing anagrams, scrabble, and boggle with my grandma, sister and mother addicted me to the wonderful world of words. I love reading, writing, hearing, speaking and typing all because I enter into the fanciful world of mixing up letters and phrases to arrive at a meaning beyond just lines on a page or bits of sound waves floating in the air. In a very mysterious way we are set above all creation as God’s prize by the ability to breathe out words that have the power to form, edify, communicate, destroy, inspire and worship; these are all things belonging to the miraculous.

So, because I love words so much I have added a few widgets to my blog. You will see them on the right hand side bar. Four new things have been added: English word of the day, Spanish word of the day, Spanish idiom of the day, and some Spanish pronunciation tips. I put them there for my own personal enjoyment – a couple special surprises just for me every day – but you can pop in and partake if you want to.

It just dawned on me that this is probably the reason that I love to see comments on my blogs so much; words are valuable and precious to me. Hint, hint (smile). Do you have a favorite word? One of mine is: kaleidoscope.


5 thoughts on “Word Passion

  1. I love your word stuff on your sidebar! That’s cool! I came from much the same background. I would love to be able to express myself in more than one language … alas, English is all I can really manage.

  2. i also love words. i choose mine very carefully (not always, but i try), and am very intentional with the ones i choose. not everyone does that, though, so i find myself reading more into people’s words than they actually intended.

    one of my closest friends here is the same as i am in this regard (the intentional use and love of words regard) – so we have fun reading between each other’s lines… and we can typically read each other pretty well.

  3. I had noticed your sidebar additions- and I like them!! There is something for me that is freeing about writing…I love that it is so intentional!

    I have no idea why, but one of my favorite words to say is laborious.

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