Basement Beginnings – 5

Part 5 – Cochabamba, Bolivia
(The end?)

A friend once said that in real life “happily ever after” is not the end; rather it is a beginning. This little series ends here. But as the title implies, the events that led up to our move to Cochabamba in 2003 were just the starting of what is happening now. The day of small beginnings is not despised.

Sometimes I walk around on the grounds here and I marvel at what has been established. What began in a basement and moved through various other small-room stages is now anything but little. Yet there is in me anticipation for greater things to come. We are not through. We have only just begun.

I could not finish this series without expressing in written form my deep gratitude to the Lord God for all that He has done. His hands have formed, led, corrected, applauded, and consoled us. My heart swells with thanks to Him.


5 thoughts on “Basement Beginnings – 5

  1. so good… I’m kinda sad to see it end… I loved the story form and it read like a true page-turner.

    God is so good- and has done so much in your life… what a testimony that gives Him such glory!!

  2. RYC danielle: Well, we added kids along the way – our fouth didn’t come until last year, after all teh initial set up foundtional years. God’s grace is / was / and will be sufficient for the season.

    I am glad that you enjoyed the series. :-)

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