Belly Button Gazers

Getting the kids ready for bed last night DaRonn says, “What would it be like if the world did not rotate around Gabrielle?” A hypothetical question not necessarily directed at our six year old. Nevertheless she did not miss a beat and explained, “It would be like everything would be stuck in their place and not moving; like freezed.”

How often do we have the attitude of my precious little girl? We think that if it were not for us then the world would go into a catatonic state of shock. It would be ‘freezed’ if it were not for us, and our brilliance, and our work, and our ideas, and our whatever.

I believe that everyone is special and important. I believe that everybody should feel free to express themselves in all their creativity as they love their Maker. I also believe that we need to look at the way we are viewing ourselves.

Eastman Curtis calls selfish people “Belly Button Gazers”. They incline their heads at such and angle that the singular view they have is that of their own belly button. What a sad song these people drone out, either in self-pity or in puffed up pride.

Let’s lift up our heads and look around today. You might just be the answer that God has provided to ease someone else’s misery. (But don’t let that go to you head now; smile!)


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