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Does success inspire or intimidate?

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5 thoughts on “Forum Question

  1. i’d like to say success always inspires me. but if i am honest, i must admit that, more times than i wish, success intimidates me. to my often performance-based/perfectionistic mentality, that often equates into motivation to excel, to improve — but the initial thought of intimidation is still at the root.

  2. I’m inspired when it’s in a league of something that I’m not striving to do myself… that’s when intimidation comes in to play for me… or competition.

  3. Hmmm. Success we’ve achieved or success others have achieved? I suspect you meant the first … but I’ll try to answer both. I’m usually inspired by the success of others … I try to relate it to succeeding in something relative to myself. IE: They have a natural ability with numbers and a good head for seeing how things work, and I see them succeed in some business endeavor. That inspires me. Not because I have those strengths, but because I believe I can see that success with the strengths I do have. In arenas where I am not strong, and feel … insecure … that can intimidate me. Just a little. Usually I marvel that God gave other people such amazing abilities that I don’t have.

    Success I’ve achieved? … hmm.. I don’t know how to answer that. I suppose a little of both. The inspiration that I’ve accomplished something I consider valuable … and the intimidation that maybe I won’t be able to dublicate the success another time. Usually I’m just thrilled that I actually did something I considered a challenge. I guess that’s inspiration. ?

  4. Thanks for your comments today Angie- you blessed me. I’m amazed at how being real through blogging has become SUCH a source of encouragment to me. Wow… what a network of great friends- that are all over the world!! Thank you…

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