Chains or Safety Restraints

Here is a little glimpse at part of my message for this coming Sunday morning while DaRonn is in St. Joseph Missouri for a conference at one of the most wonderful churches in the world: Word of Life Church.

Romans 6:18 (NIV) You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

(White water rafting on the Zambezi River 1996. I am the one giving the thumbs up. Amy is the one on the far left with the blue helmet. This is a picture of a picture, so the quality is a bit low.)

We were completely free to throw ourselves into the rapids. We would have died – eventually – if we had done so. The restraints (helmet, life vest, raft, paddles, and guide) were there so that we could freely enjoy the ride.

Trade in your concept of “chains” for the concept of “safety restraints”. So that when you hear God tell you to do something it is not received as if God was trying to chain you down. Rather view it as if God was trying to put safety restraints on you to help you enjoy the ride of life.


5 thoughts on “Chains or Safety Restraints

  1. This was great Angie… a powerful word!!

    I can’t believe the pictures of our crazy raft adventure!!! Wow… that was a long time ago… and still, such a memorable ride!! I also still remember the mountain we had to climb up AFTER the long day of rafting!!!

    Fun times…

  2. seriously – that climb was ridiculous! i did that four times! :)

    i was trying to see who else was in the picture – it was hard to tell.

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