Names and Reminiscing

Ok – for some RIDICULOUSLY EMBARRASSING reason in the foolishness of my youth I failed to write down LAST NAMES! Grrrr. (It is one of my very few regrets in life.) Anyway, so here are the FIRST NAMES of the people with me in the raft that time around in the photos below .

Bendu (guide)
Dave Dejoy (thanks Alece)

BTW: I made the infamous post-climb (see comments on Chains or Safety Restraints) twice since I was a 2-monther but it must have been really bad and my subconscious is blocking it from torturing me because I don’t have the slightest memory of it. I do remember the treacherous decent to get to the rafts and the weird lunch we all devoured, though. I really hope that I get to go back to that wonderful part of the world sometime. I have not one bad memory from my time there (even when they confiscated our passports and held Michelle in a back room for a very long time when we were hopping the border during middle trip; it all worked out and was a great adventure!), absolutely all good memories.


3 thoughts on “Names and Reminiscing

  1. Well, it’s hard to tell from your picture, but if the guy standing up making the muscles pose is Herbie, his last name is Ousley. But maybe Alece could have told you that, too, so maybe it’s not.

  2. Wow- you did much better w/ the names than I would have!!! And double WOW… that the climb out of the riverbed isn’t a prominent memory for you!! I remember feeling like I was going to literally die… I had lost my inhaler (I used to really struggle with asthma) somewhere along the river and really needed it about 1/2 way up the side of the embankment.

    Funny though… I don’t have any recollections of the lunch… and I very rarely forget a meal ;)

  3. Ang,
    I thought that was Herb. I think the other last names are Shea Kidd, Nate Moody, Amy Riep (was Riggs :) ) and Cara’s I dont remember off the top of my head. If you want I can try to find my journal and shoot you and email with last names from our trip :)

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