Bowling Champ

Acting upon good advice my husband has recently acquired some pass-times. One of those is bowling. He has formed a bowling team with members of the church and Tuesday nights they all don their team t-shirts and have a blast at the one and only bowling ally in this city.

Each month they break into groups of 3 and have a championship. DaRonn’s was on the winning team this month. They had so much fun! Here are some pictures. You will also notice that DaRonn’s name is on the board for the men’s division of high scores. This is for all the players of the city, mind you!

Click here to see a slide show of the event.


5 thoughts on “Bowling Champ

  1. i wish we had a bowling alley closer than 3 hours away. cause as it stands now, i only bowl about once a year. and it takes me at least one whole game before i finally figure it out again.

    i certainly enjoy it though. especially when i get to bowl with niel. he is a hilarious bowler. he can be all goofy, fake trip, and literally throw the ball down the lane…and still get a strike! and then there’s me. i line up “perfectly”, take my time, and with as much seriousness and “please, please, please” i can muster…i gutter it. shame.

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