Summer Break

We are full swing into summer break. It feels very nice to have finished a school year and be able to focus on the year end festivities. The Bolivian school year runs from February to November. It makes logical sense to start and finish a school year in the same year; so we follow that system with our home schooling. To the South of the equator summer is November to March (more or less). For Cochabamba, Bolivia that means the rainy season. It has been relatively dry thus far; we are hoping for more rain since this is the only time during the year that rain comes.

We got our Christmas tree up this weekend. This is the earliest we have ever gotten it up. We had a bunch of fun as a family decorating, singing, laughing and munching.

Though I do so miss the frost and snow that enchant this season I am glad for my husband that we live in a place that they call “Eternal Spring”. He does not like the cold at all. I think I am getting used to my palm trees and sunshine on Christmas day. I am looking forward to it, actually.

Yeah for summer!


5 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Glad you are enjoying your warmer holiday season :) We’re in the midst of freezing rain… with snow still on the ground from over a week ago!!

  2. What kind of a Christmas tree do you have if it’s all palm trees and sunshine there? I can appreciate your husband’s dislike of the cold. My brother-in-law is much the same way, and they just moved from Florida to Ohio … in winter. They loaded up the trucks in 80 degree weather and unloaded them in 20 degree weather. :] Glad you’re celebrating happy!

  3. Ang,

    I’ll be happy to send you some pictures of our recent snow and ice. It’s important to spread the cheer, you know!

    Oh, by the way, you’ve been tagged. Check out my blog for more info. ;-)

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