A Bloggity Blog

Today marks the one year anniversary of my very first blog post.
Ta dah!
You may all give me a solemn golf clap.
Why, thankye kindly y’all!

The fun loving wife of Noah was the inspiration for my first post. Click here to re-live the joy of that very first post.

I have these blogs:

@ngie (on Xanga and Blogger)
Missionaries Who Blog (a handy link page)
We Are Family (with my husband, kids, parents, siblings, brother-in-law, and nieces)
Existencia Compartida (Spanish for: Shared Existence)

Fun facts…

I joined Xanga and waited 40 days before posting my first entry
I post 3 times a week, on an average
If people ask me what my hobby is I tell them it is blogging
There have been about 3,500 hits to all my blogs combined these 365 days
If someone gave me a (cool) T-shirt about blogging then I would wear it

Things I have gained from Blogging…

A better understanding about the internet
Better typing skills
A closer relationship with friends and family
New friends
Tons of confidence boosters by way of comments

Since this is a bloggity blog then I am going to go ahead and play along with my friend Rebecca who tagged me after being tagged for the very first time.

5 random things about myself:

  1. I have earned 90 points for a lay in scrabble, but I don’t remember what the word was.
  2. I have climbed Ayers Rock (a.k.a. Uluru) in the middle of Australia.
  3. I have white water rafted on the Zambezi River.
  4. I have a Bohemian heritage
  5. I have a kaleidoscope collection

“Happy Bloggityday to you!
Happy Bloggityday to you!
Happy Bloggityday dear @ngie!
Happy Bloggityday to you!”


6 thoughts on “A Bloggity Blog

  1. congrats – happy blogday??

    i saw a shirt once that said “no one cares about your blog” – funny but we all care about each others blogs so not apporpriate!

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