The Learning Curve

Why are my emotions so connected to the process of learning?

As they say “Ignorance is bliss”
In the dark with a blind fold on
You don’t know that you don’t know something
Emotions: content

Frustration, embarrassment, discontent
In the dark with the blind fold off
You know that you don’t know something; but you know that you could know it
Emotions: unhappy

The ups and downs of trial and error are at the same time difficult but hopeful
Groping around for the light switch
You know that you are going to know something
Emotions: mixed

Satisfaction, sense of accomplishment
Found the light switch and turned the light on
You know something
Emotions: content

Making charts and lists is soothing to me. I am processing some things right now so some of this may be what some may call “half-baked”. What I mean to say is that I might have struck on some bit of genius here as to the explanations of my state at this time – or I might pitch it all in the garbage.

At times I wish I could just be in a constant state of such extreme self-control that I am content at all times. But then I think it through and it might just be that the times of frustration make the times of joy that much brighter.

Can I determine how long I stay at each particular level? To some extent, yes, but there are many other factors that attribute to what takes place on a certain level. And this process is taking place on different levels in many different areas of my life. So my best option right now is to first identify where I am (as best I can) and then go with the flow.

I am throwing this out there in cyber-land because maybe one of you has some insight you would like to share.


3 thoughts on “The Learning Curve

  1. hmmm… i certainly have not found the key to being content in all circumstances. for me, contentedness seems more the exception to the rule than anything else.

    i liked your descriptions and thoughts on all these…

  2. hmmm…yes this is good. it seems that i spend way to much time in the dissatisfaction stage feeling, like you say frustrated. i know i should be knowing more, but i’m not sure how to get there. grrr frustrating. so, no, sorry no insights for you.

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