Run, Mama, Run

Ringtones are out of my league; but I do know how to assign different ring sounds to individuals on my contacts list from the options in my cell phone. I have one general ring sound for the whole world – except one person: my husband. His ring sound is called bullfighter – it’s that cheesy music that you hear whenever you see some commercial of someone running. Well, I was in my room and the phone was in the dining room. Papa’s ring sounded for all to hear. I rushed out to the dining room and my kids saw me coming. My youngest daughter yells out to me as I whiz by, “Run, Mama, Run!” It sounded just like the famous Forest Gump phrase. It was so funny!

Things I am lovin’ today:
– A well made turkey cold cut sandwich purchased for lunch
– Bugles and Mineragua – a great combo
– Google Reader – I just switched all my subs – it is great
– Lists and charts
– Pilates
– A clean desk top even after a week
– Our 2 cute guinea pigs
– The fact that I remembered how to spell guinea pig
– On line Scrabble
– The book of First John
– Driving
– Hooded sweatshirts with pockets for these drippy days

Books I am reading at this point in time:
– “Mere Christianity” by: C.S. Lewis
– “The Lie that Tells a Truth” by: John Dufresne
– “Sacred Parenting” by: Gary Thomas

Projects I am working on right now:
– A surprise party
– Organizing for this year of home schooling – first week of February we start
– Church leadership get together on Saturday

Did I mention that I like lists and charts?


3 thoughts on “Run, Mama, Run

  1. i love charts too. they are great and i’m often teased because of how much i like them. but why wouldn’t you? they make everything much clearer and easier to understand. i’ll have to send you some great ones i’ve made.

    and i enjoyed this post a lot.

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