Home School Curriculum 2008

We follow the Bolivian school year: February to November. It just makes sense for me to start and finish a school year within the calendar year. It also works well with furlough trips. Not to mention that my kids’ Bolivian friends have their summer break November to February.

So we have got off to a good start this year. I have a 4th grader, a 3rd grader and a 1st grader. I also have an 18 month old; which adds a challenging dynamic to the mix.

Here is our curriculum list for the year:

Bible – “Bible Blast” (1,3,4) they are doing this with a group of kids from church
Math – “Saxon” (1,3,4)
Reading – “Abeka” books (1) the same ones my mom handed down to me, I am a second generation home school mom
Sight wordswww.dolch-words.com (1,3) fun printable worksheets
Language – “Bob Jones” (3,4)
Handwriting – “Handwriting Without Tears” (1,3,4) given to me by an occupational therapist, it is very good
Spelling – “Spelling Power” (3,4) the kids like the part in this program that you get to write the words with your fingers in sand
Creative Writing – “Writing Strands” (4) and “Sparks” (3,4) found this one online
Sciencewww.sciencewithme.com and “Gray’s Anatomy Coloring Book” (3)
Science – “Bob Jones” (4)
Geography – “Galloping the Globe” (4) it was challenging to use this last year since we don’t exactly have all the resource books required on hand or even readily available– but I am going to give it one more try
Social Studies – “Bob Jones” (3,4)
Home Skills – “The Family Book of Manners” (1,3,4) also from my mom
Physical Education – Horseback riding (1,3,4)
Art – various projects (1,3,4)
Fun Friday Field trips – every Friday after a light school work load we go on an adventure somewhere in the city. I started this last year and we all loved it.

My home school focus:
“We learn to love and we love to learn.”

As a whole I desire that my kids have the skills to learn what they want to know. I want to expose them to many experiences that encourage them to want to learn more. Coupled with those experiences I will have a strong technical skills routine to give them the scaffolding by which to construct their learning.


5 thoughts on “Home School Curriculum 2008

  1. Cool! Agree with Danielle … tell me more about the handwriting curriculum. I don’t know which route we’ll go (with our yet unborn kids) either, but I’m keeping my eyes open now. :)

  2. So I just read this post after the one about your fun Friday… and my heart is echoing the same comment… you inspire me!! It’s only been recently that the idea of home schooling has even started to tinker around in my brain… and I have to say it is an intimidating and challenging idea. It looks like you’ve found just the right balance… and I’ll definitely be picking your brain in the future if this road is one we walk down :)

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