A friend of mine posted these facts on her blog and invited her friends to do the same. It has been a while since I have done a tag so here it goes. You can do the same if you like. Feel free to add your own facts if you want.

Favorite color? Green – ‘cause it’s shades are so varied and emotive
Middle name? Lynn
Favorite movie? #1 Far and Away #2 In Good Company
Favorite ice-cream? Vanilla with orange sherbet swirl
Favorite indulgence? Driving
Favorite verse? 1 Timothy 1:12
Favorite pop? Fresca
Favorite bible story? Joshua and Rahab
Last book / current book? See “Kid in a Candy Shop” post
Most desired place to visit? Israel, Germany, and Ireland (we’ll stop there because I could go on and on and on and on…)
Collect anything? Books, kaleidoscopes, culture
Favorite thing to spend money on? Office and school supplies, electronic gizmos
Do you like any sports? Love to swim, is hiking a sport? (I like to do that too)
Dream car? A nice big new truck with seating for many and lots of horsepower
What color is your bedspread? Teal and white quilt made for our wedding by my mom and her sisters.


6 thoughts on “FYI…

  1. Ha ha! Crazy! So many similarities here. #s 1 and 2 are exact. #3 – I love the first one, haven’t seen the second (maybe I should) #4 – very close my dear. I like both as favorites, but not mixed. Place to visit? Israel is always the top on my list. Have been but will always go back. Hubby would take Germany, I would take Ireland … okay. So those are my really close similarities. Who’d a thunk?

  2. fun! thanks for doing this. i like learning little things about you – makes me feel a little more like we’re neighbors and i see you all the time.

  3. Fun :) I’m glad we’re filling in the pieces Yeller put out there for us… I also love to learn these little details in friendships that feel so intimate yet miss that daily-grind kind of connection!!

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