Video Tour of House of Dreams Orphanage, Cochabamba Bolivia

The video is 8 min 40 sec long. If you can, I would encourage you to watch. You will see the facilities of our House of Dreams Orphanage and some of the kids who live here. For privacy purposes we do not disclose the specifics of individual histories. You will hear my husband explain in general some of the histories.

Common FAQs:

1. How many kids you have? We are caring for 21 children now

2. What is your capacity? We are licensed for 42 children; economically we have ceased receiving children until our funds increase

3. How many workers do you have? On paid staff we have 8 people. Aside from that we have a team of about 5 faithful volunteers.

4. Where do the kids come from? We work closely with the equivalent of Social Services here in Bolivia. They bring us children that have been abused, abandoned, left under park benches, found in public bathroom stalls, and even those that have been left in garbage cans.

5. Can you do foreign adoptions? Spain and Portugal, yes. We are in the process of investigating the possibilities for other nations.

6. When did you start the orphanage? June 2006

7. What ages of kids live here? Our boys and girls are newborn to 5 years old

8. How many adoptions have you had? Three of our children in the last year and a half have been adopted into Bolivian homes.

9. How are you finances? Good people from the willingness of their heart support us on a monthly basis. We are at about half of our budget and always looking for new supporters.

10. How can I get involved? You can pray, give financially, come and volunteer, and you can get the word out by passing along this link or asking people to visit our web site:

Orphanages in Bolivia play the part that foster homes do in the States as well as the typical caring for orphans. Some of the parents of the kids are being trained and taught on how to be better parents. If they are unable to meet the state’s expectations then the immediate family if the child is investigated to see if any of them could take the child in. If all family situations are unsuitable then the process for adoption begins. It usually takes six months from the time a child enters our home until they are available to be adopted, unless they are no family ties found, then the process is usually three months. Just recently the United States has agreed to allow Bolivian adoptions. We are still looking into the requirements; but that option is now open.

Click here to watch the video.

Or copy and paste this link in your browser:

As you see the images please say a prayer for the work here. Thank you for taking the time to read and watch.


4 thoughts on “Video Tour of House of Dreams Orphanage, Cochabamba Bolivia

  1. i haven’t gotten to watch it yet, but i loved hearing (reading!) more about the orphanage. you guys are doing a fantastic job…

  2. I’ve been trying to watch the video… I keep getting an error message, so I haven’t been able to see it… but I enjoyed reading about this aspect of your ministry… and I’ll try to watch again when I can get my hands on my husbands laptop!!

  3. hi Angie:) my name is Lacy..I am coming with Peri Zahnd to do some photography for the church …i am looking at all those absolutely gorgeous kids in the photos! I am excited you to meet you and your family:) I will see you soon!

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