One Chapter More

My wonderful husband bought a book for me about writing fiction called “The Lie that Tells a Truth” by John Dufresne. So I am finally in the last chapter. In his chapter about writing dialogue he addresses the motives behind why we communicate. Do any of these apply to why you post or read blogs?

Now, we all know there is no comfort in small talk, no solace in chitchat, no substance to idle jabber about the weather or mutual acquaintances. So why do we do it? We talk with each other for various reasons: to inform, to compare, to seduce, to clarify, to cloud, to charm, to deceive, to alarm, to evade, to demur, to bedevil, to reassure, to offend, to warn, to befuddle, to flatter, to belittle, to thank, to bluster, to rattle, to arouse, to soothe, to illuminate, to apologize, to inquire, to amuse, to brag, to inspire, to order, to explain, to encourage, to dissuade, to convert, to argue, to process, to instruct, to vent, to accost, to excuse, to call attention to ourselves, to hear the sound of our own voices, to be polite, to pass the time. But when we talk to understand, to understand ourselves and what we’re doing or what we think we’re doing and why we’re doing it, then we tell each other stories. Stories are how we remind ourselves who we are and how we’re connected. Stories are sacred and communal like a burial and the gathering after it.

While we are on the topic of chapters… Thanks to two marvelous women from the church I had four completely uninterrupted hours of time at my home to myself today. I cannot remember the last time that this happened. So I decided to get some heavy work done on the book I am writing. Can you believe I wrote four chapters and have just one left to write? Then the final tweaking and it is done. I am so excited.


11 thoughts on “One Chapter More

  1. Good thoughts. I usually blog about things I get excited about. Usually some area that I have a new understanding in. I figure someone else would like the same understanding (if it’s something they’ve never thought of).

    Your time alone must have been amazing.

  2. annie – I wish you would get excited more (wink) I really enjoy reading what you write. :-) And, yes, amazing alone time – looking forward to some more this week. While my husband is traveling some people have offered to help with the kids. Yay!

  3. Alece – So glad you asked! :-)

    It is the next (second) in my series designed specifically for connecting Latin women with their Heavenly Father. The title is Breathe Easy and address a life of true biblical freedom. I talk specifically about addictions and vices, but it is applicable to any sinful situation that a woman is not able to get free from. The central story is the woman who anointed Jesus feet and dried them with her tears. In her gratitude she served the one who made her free. In the book I encourage the women to see that their freedom is purposeful and we must return to our liberator as humble servants.

    I should have probably been able to express the preceding sentences in one or two sound bytes, but I am so excited about the book. Plus, this is not a commercial spot – I am among friends. :-)

  4. One of our friends back home said to me one time that he didn’t worry about me and our transition to Cbba as long as I kept blogging… when the entries stopped coming, then he started to worry :) because he knows me well enough to know that it is my forum, my space to process and work through things… what a blessing to have a place to process among friends! I’m excited about your four chapters, hope to add this one to my shelf along with your other two :) Call if you need help while DaRonn’s travleing!

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