Email Server Advice

For years I have been using Juno email. It is time for a change. Little by little I have been making the change to use my Yahoo account. But before I make the big ‘announcement’ of a change of address I wanted to do some shopping.

Here are my three questions for you to answer

1. What Email server do you use?

2. Pros and cons to your server?

3. What server would you recommend for my needs (listed below)?

What I am looking for:

a. Free or very economical price

b. Compatible with Mozilla Firefox browser (Juno is not)

c. Composition options: message from sender in reply, attachment capabilities, etc.

d. Storage for sent and received messages

e. Address book with filing and grouping capabilities

I haven’t started using Outlook. My husband does and he likes it. My average email load is about 20 a day received and about 10 written. So it is pretty easy to manage. In the future this will increase and I may need to use Outlook, so I would like the email server to be compatible with that too (maybe they all are and I just don’t know because I haven’t researched it).

I think it is so cool when people have their name or the name of their organization in their email address. (fake ex: Is that something that you can do with any server? Or are there certain servers that provide that option? How do they do that? Any advice you have in that area would be great too.

Thanks for your input!


3 thoughts on “Email Server Advice

  1. i use gmail — indirectly. our is a gmail based email server. i don’t actually know the correct terminology for all that, so i have no clue if what i just wrote was correct! ha.

    i think gmail is one of the better mail servers out there. one positive/negative is their use of “conversations” – they auto-combine the messages to/from someone in one conversation (same subject line) so you can see them all at once. VERY handy. occasionally more confusing.

    i’d suggest going with gmail. and using it in outlook.

  2. But be a little careful with outlook… I was having some problems with it syncing up with hotmail earlier this year and it was eating my emails. I would open an email to read it… close the window to return to the main inbox screen and the email would vanish, not to be found in the inbox, junk, or deleted folders… so just a little heads up. I’m glad to see that you were able to get an address with your name in it like you wanted! My contact list is already updated and ready to go :)

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