Doing What They Do

My ten year old trying her hand at oils for the first time. She is an artist. Her preferred style of expression is pencil drawing. But anything pertaining to creative arts is her outlet. She loves dance, music, painting, crafts, clay, sewing, drama, making books and whatever else she can do to create.

My eight year old doing a word find. These or sudukos are his choice these days. Anything that is building or constructing he enjoys as well. I am amazed at what he can do with his legos and other building sets. He is a thinker.

My six year old doing her lessons in school. She is a worker. She says to me, “Mama, I want to work hard in school today.” Her undaunted approach to tackling problems is inspiring. I am wondering what God is going to do with her life. It will be amazing to see, I am sure.

My eighteen month old licking a book. So far he has tasted: deodorant, hand lotion, crayons, bubbles, all the furniture in the house, door handles, books, and seat belts. I can’t complain because this flows over into his eating of actual food too. He will eat anything!

This was a glimpse at what my kids like doing. What did you do today that was YOU?


11 thoughts on “Doing What They Do

  1. This was great, Ang. I love that you rejoice in their uniquness and stregnths. Today I …snuggled, hosted, planned and hugged.

    Tyler’s photo makes me laugh…Anna loves chewing on shoes. I love not letting her chew on them — it’s so gross and — but if I’m not fast enough she’ll take off after a shoe!

  2. does he actually LIKE licking deodorant?

    hmmm…what did i do today that was me?

    i got 2 solid hours on the internet in panera to answer a bajillion work emails (more like 57 to be exact), write a few personal ones, and do some blogging.

    pure bliss.

  3. Good “snapshots”. I helped some women with the gym equipment, taught piano, spent time with friends, and stayed up way too late surfing the internet!

  4. Danielle – Thank you. Someday we are going to have to get our little chewers together. Have you ever seen “A Series of Unfortunate Events” with Jim Carey? I like that movie. One of the kids is a baby that bites everything.

  5. Alece – He doesn’t seem to mind tasting and licking anything. He smiles real big and then puts his finger on his mouth while saying, “Ssshh.” As in: don’t tell anyone what I am doing and if I am cute enough maybe I won’t get in trouble.

    Congrats for the blissful internet time.

  6. Natalie – Thank you. All the shots are action shots and have props. I appreciate a well placed prop. When I was in high school I aspired to be a famous actor so I was heavily involved in the drama department. I tried out for every play. In the entirety of my high school careerer I got a total of 3 minutes of stage time in the far back of a group scene dancing as a jitter-bug in Wizard of Oz along with the 40 other people they gave pity parts too. But I was involved in every other production as the beloved “proppie”. I found the most awesome props! And that is why today I appreciate a well placed prop. (It is also why I watch the credits to the end at a movie. smile.)

  7. :)

    Well, I haven’t done much today, having only woke up (gol, that’s horrible in print … what’s the correct way of saying that?) 24 minutes ago. Okay. Well, technically … I have fed the cats and gone to the bathroom. Not that you wanted to know all that. ;) Yesterday was much more interesting. My hubby’s 30th b-day. :) It was a good one. Went to Pittsburgh Blue (a steakhouse) for dinner. Very nice.

  8. today i over-extended myself in softball practice (it is very much me doing something – trying to do something that my body is rejecting). it was awesome

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