One of my friends that I have gratefully reconnected with after more than a decade thanks to the wonderful world of blogging posted something that I think everyone should read.

I met Amy in Botswana (that is in southern Africa) in 1996. She and I were “the engaged girls” on the Teen Mania summer mission trip. We lost touch until last year. Now she is married, has a boy named Silas and has a little girl on the way due very soon. Their family is a testimony of the faithfulness of God. They will be moving to South Africa this summer. You can read her past posts to know more about this sweet family.

Here is the link:

You will not be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Recommendation

  1. What a blessing to have gotten back in touch with your friend, Angie!

    BTW, I found an email from you in my SPAM folder (from a week or so ago)! How it got there, I don’t know. Strange huh? I’ll email you back soon, but for now, TAG–you’re it. Ever hear of the book meme tag? It’s new to me, but if you want to play along, check out the rules on my blog.

    Love you!

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