Happy Birthday DaRonn!

My wonderful husband is 33 years old today. To honor him here is a list of 33 of the multiplied many things that I think are just great about my man.

  1. He loves God
  2. He is passionate
  3. He is not afraid of being who he is
  4. He strives for excellence
  5. He is a good bowler
  6. He makes funny jokes
  7. He plays with our kids
  8. He is always trying to become better
  9. He is man of integrity
  10. He tells the truth
  11. He is a man of action
  12. He is a hard worker
  13. He is a visionary
  14. He is good at starting stuff
  15. He hopes for the best
  16. He prays
  17. He studies the word of God
  18. He seeks advice
  19. He makes good decisions
  20. He is a good judge of character
  21. He abhors mediocrity
  22. He is a picky eater
  23. He has his sights set on the world
  24. He enables others to reach their full potential
  25. He is a considerate and loving husband
  26. He reads lots of books
  27. He is good at technical stuff
  28. He travels
  29. He is a friend
  30. He helps people
  31. He is kind to children
  32. He loves his sons and daughters
  33. He loves me

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday DaRonn!

  1. Hey it’s the day before my birthday and on my paternal grandmother’s birthday! Happy belated Bday DaRonn! YOu have a super wife!! Happy mom’s day to you Angie!

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