Mother Month

This has been a mother of a month for me! Many mother issues have literally bombarded me. Here are the mothering things happening:

  1. U.S. Mother’s Day celebrated
  2. Bolivian Mother’s day coming up
  3. Women’s meetings where I speak as a mother cheering her kiddos on
  4. Spoke at church about strong families, including the part of a mother
  5. Helped a woman in the church work through a second miscarriage – she wants so desperately to be a mother
  6. The irony of that precious mother-to-be is that she mothers the orphans in the orphanage as the director
  7. Had a couple of heart-to-heart get-togethers over coffee with our group of missionary mothers
  8. Said farewell to three of my mother friends going home on furlough
  9. Saw a great mother video on the blog of a fellow missionary mother in Indonesia
  10. Found the blog of an encouraging author who is also a home schooling mother
  11. Reading a book by that same author called The Ministry of Motherhood
  12. The book was lent to me by another mother who is a dear friend of mine
  13. Have worked through allowing a gal help me home school my kids
  14. Have managed my household, learning to have a content heart as I waited for house help
  15. Answered the door yesterday and a mother who is a member of our church said she has a relative that just came into town and is looking for work
  16. That girl is here at the house now helping me out
  17. Let the truth that motherhood is a calling for which God equips you settle in my heart
  18. Learned that I cannot mother everybody – there are specific people that need me to play that important role in their lives and others who absolutely do not
  19. Discovered a term that I will be exploring more closely in the days, weeks, and years to come: Grace Based Parenting
  20. Mothered my children

So these are some things that hit me in my heart today as I sat relishing the beautiful company of my friends on a super comfy couch inhaling the rich aroma of good coffee.


11 thoughts on “Mother Month

  1. You are so going to laugh at me… I understood finally what you were saying this morning when you said Grace Based Parenting, but the first two or three times you said it I heard “Gray Space Parenting” and I was thinking… hmmm… does that mean allowing for more gray, as in not everything’s black and white :) I was so confused… and then I heard it right :) it’s an adventure when you’ve got Spanish, English, and Toddlerese floating around in your head all at the same time :) So good to see you this morning and hope we get to sit down and chat this coming week! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have both those books:

    Ministry of Motherhood and Grace Based Parenting. I’ve not had a chance to read either of them, but am looking forward to it.

  3. I love it when the “theme” of a particular season in life is so clear… as it seems to be for you right now. I love being able to share in your motherhood journey… if even through the glimpses that you publish in this space!

  4. I love that you can encapsulate these things all at the same time. Good lessons. I’m quite sure that every woman/mother goes through them at some point in life (as I will myself). God is good.

  5. Laura – Ha! I know about the language cocktail slushing around in our brains. :-) Sitting and chatting will be done by us this week – I am looking forward to it.

  6. Amy – yes, it is good when the lens of the soul if finally brought into focus. But waiting for that moment can be tedious and wearisome. I am grateful to God for this peek into his plan.

  7. I love all your thoughtful posts about mothering. Truly a blesing!

    I’m sure you are an inspiration to all those gals on your list. You sure are to me!

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