Talent Show

Last Friday night we participated in a church wide talent show. Timothy recited Psalm 133. Gabrielle sang a song in Spanish. Raimy did one in English. They all did a fine job. After the whole show was done the Washington’s got up and did a few songs together as the grand finale. We did all the actions and had a great time. Tyler stayed at home. But in the next few days he tried out some talents. We are sure that cooking is not one of them. Pepper in the sugar? No thanks. Maybe he should just stick to the technical lean like his father. After all he is not even two yet and he knows how to run the DVD player.

Enjoy the slide show!


9 thoughts on “Talent Show

  1. Annie – we have been more purposeful in making family times fun as of late. I thin it will pay great dividends in the long run.

  2. Danielle – we have friends who have a two year old that plays videos using the iPod that is hooked up t the TV in his room. Blows me away.

  3. Alece – Ha! Yeah, when you’ve got a lively kids CD blaring over the sound system and you are singing along, anyone can sound great. :-)

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