That chart post was my 200th post. Cool!

Here is a question for you (since I am celebrating a bit of a milestone you can indulge me a bit) –

Ok, if you are one of the handful of people that read my blog could you name for me the top three things that keep bringing you back?

You can use the comment section for your answers (if there are any).


13 thoughts on “200

  1. 1) I like you
    2) To keep connected with you and your missionary family (see what’s happening with your kids / ministry)
    3) You have some great thoughts on life, Jesus, parenting, ministry and odd fruit.

  2. Oooh! Good question!

    1) I like you too.
    2) I am fascinated by the “ordinary” lives of missionaries.
    3) Your posts are a good blend of informative, entertaining, serious,and lighthearted.

  3. I have one.

    You’re my friend.

    Now that may seem big or it may seem small. But to me, your blog is you … not just clever words on a page. So I keep coming back to hang out with you a bit.

  4. 1 – I am really interested in missionary’s blogs

    2- I find your thoughts inspiring

    3 – I love Cochabamba!

    Thanks for blogging :)

  5. good question…

    1. i’ve enjoyed reconnecting with an old friend via blog-world.

    2. i appreciate hearing updates on what is happening in your life and ministry.

    3. i like reading blogs with a variety of writing styles; i learn a lot from them.

  6. Wow, gals. Thanks so much. :-)

    Danielle – you are a likable person as well. I am glad that you like the fruity posts. And blogs are a great way to keep connected. Do you remember that you were the one who told me about blogging?

    Natalie – the only place we know each other is online – but the liking feelings are mutual. Hm… you like the blend, that is good to know. I appreciate your comments.

    Annie – Aaww, you are so sweet. Te quiero muchisimo amiga. And that is not a small thing at all. It is nice hanging out with you friend.

    Katrina – How nice of you to leave a comment! You humble me with your words. Do you have a blog I could read too?

    Alece – It has been so great connecting with you friend! Ok, that is SO cool that you are learning from me, amazing but cool.

  7. 1. I found you out of my interest in Bolivia,
    2. I love to see missionary life and Bolivia through your eyes,
    3. I enjoy your deep and insightful posts
    Keep blogging:-)

  8. Carin – Thanks for leaving a comment here and saying such nice things. I will indeed keep blogging. So drop me a line to let me know about your progress.

  9. Hi Angie,

    I don’t have a blog – though maybe I should start one!

    I was volunteering at an orphanage in Cochabamba last year and loved it! Had to return to New Zealand to study but one day I’ll be back :)

    Have a great day,

  10. Karina – YES do start a blog! :-) I will read it.

    Which orphanage did you volunteer in?

    My brother and sister both went to New Zealand for 6 weeks. They loved it. Traveled all over the place. Another year I went to Australia for 6 weeks and traveled around. Some how the Southern hemisphere suits me.

    Study hard so you can come back to Bolivia, soon! :-)

  11. Hi :)

    I volunteered at Casa de Amor.

    I am studying midwifery and can’t wait to come back some day!

    The southern hemisphere is good but cold at the mo!


  12. Katrina – Hi :-)

    We know Jennifer!!! Midwifery is a fascinating field to me.

    Yes – cold it is. I am in my sweater now.

    :-) Hope you are well.

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