One Week

So I have been working you up for this announcement. (No I am not pregnant.) I am not quite ready to announce it yet. This post is just to whet your appetite. One week from now the announcement will be made. It is a happy thing, for a happy time.


12 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Oh YAY! Something mysterious and something to look forward to :)

    I really would have thought you were pregnant if you hadn’t clarified that one :)

  2. when we changed the name of our ministry years ago to thrive africa, we sent out a mailer that said,

    “Niel and Alece have some exciting news…”

    then when they opened it, it said,

    “But it’s not what you think.”

    and then the main inside part explained all about the name-change, etc. etc. etc. we had so many people contact us and tell us they thought for sure we were expecting!

  3. Does this have anything to do with the question you posed in your last post?


  4. And again … I’m with Natalie. I will have to ignore that you’ve said this for a whole week and then be pleasantly surprised when the great news is sprung. :) Cruel. Just cruel. ;)

  5. I just got your facebook message. I responded. The link for my response is in my following comment. It was kind-of a doozie! But I actually enjoy challenges. The difficulty is wrapping it up. It’s almost 3:00 in the morning now and I have a full day of work tomorrow. :]

  6. Carin – yes

    Annie and Natalie – Mean!? What’s all this about ‘enjoy life’ – yah dah yah dah yah dah – when confronted with imposed change? (wink) :-)

    Also Annie – thanks for letting me know about the response. Hope you are not too exhausted for work today – eek!

  7. Alece – here on Blogger and over there on Xanga people are guessing some pretty great big life changes. :-) It is fun to see how people think.

    I am a little worried that the people will be disappointed and think, ‘is that all?’ when I finally do make the announcement… hm…

  8. ha ha ha – okay, you got me there. I laughed out loud. You’re right – okay, then I’m SO excited about your news that waiting … is overwhelming.

    I don’t suppose that’s any better.

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