Mixing Birds

Mixing began. Pockets of people pulled together with the common interest of a new baby on the way. Pleasantries were exchanged as friendly facts were given and requested. Though unannounced there came a moment when all knew that everyone had arrived. At this precise moment the segregation began. The hosts floated between these groups defined by previous acquaintances. Eventually the spaces widened and it was clear that new relationships were not the top priority for many of those as the party. The church group huddled together over by one table. The missionaries had their spot. The non-missionaries-foreigners group chatted by the couch. The children were even split with the younger ones in the yard by the fountain and the older ones loitering on the basketball court. It is difficult for a group of twenty-some people to all enjoy the same conversation, thus the breaking off.

What are your thoughts about the phenomenon of ‘birds of a feather flock together’?

How do you respond when placed in a social situation with people you don’t know?


4 thoughts on “Mixing Birds

  1. Wow, really interesting questions.

    Birds of a feather – I think maybe it’s about comfort. That we feel more confident relating to people we feel we have things in common with.

    Social situation with people I don’t know – I ask God for confidence. I try to ask people about themselves. They may feel as shy as me :)

  2. Yeah, I agree it’s mostly about comfort. Everyone enjoys a conversation with someone who can share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, experiences, etc. Common ground.

    When I’m in a social situation with people I don’t know … yikes. Well, it depends on if anything is required of me or not. If nothing is required of me I will keep to myself and observe those around me, embarking in my own analysis and thoughts on the proceedings, or a book I just read, or a question I’m pondering. If something is required of me, however, it becomes very uncomfortable. nerves come into play. I’m thinking very hard about what I should say or how I should act, or whom I should talk to. Nothing comes naturally; I have to mimic what I’ve seen others do or pull out something I’ve learned in the past. It’s quite a stressful occasion – I’m better when it’s all over and I can be myself again.

  3. interesting thoughts.

    it is easier to gravitate towards those we know and are comfortable with. i think different levels of introverted/extrovertedness, confidence and insecurities come into play. i would think that insecurity has a lot more to do with it than many would like to admit. some people we know don’t understand why we “like people” and smile at strangers.

    me? hard to say. like annie said, depends on the situation. at the grad party we went to a couple weeks ago, at church functions, at weddings i think i just talk to people i know or have at least met. while i am extroverted, i’m not a “make the rounds/work the party” sort of person…unless i’m the hostess. not sure i answered your question.

    what’s the suprise?

  4. Danielle – you answered my question. :-)

    I think you gals hit the nail on the head when you said that it has to do with comfort.

    Thanks for your input.

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