High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes

My dear friends here in the blogosphere, you have made me feel loved! I truly hope that you are not gravely disappointed on Thursday. The scale of the surprise may be a few notches below your original expectations. But to know that you hope for such grandiose things for me and my family has touched my heart and made me smile more than once these last few days.

So far the guesses have equivocally been:
pregnancy (that is why I cleared it up from the get go)
adopting a child
stateside adoptions approved for our orphanage here in Bolivia
moving to a new house
anniversary celebration trip without the kids
getting a vehicle
leaving Bolivia to go to a new mission station
going home for a holiday
bringing the whole family up to the States for a two week visit
getting a pay raise

Wow, your high hopes for my life have bolstered my confidence and given me a revived sense of purpose. Thanks for dreaming big for me folks!

While we are on the subject, if you feel comfortable sharing, what is the biggest dream that you have for your life?


10 thoughts on “High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes

  1. Oh goodness – the biggest dream?? Okay. I will share. In 1997 in the internship I was sitting on my dorm room floor thinking about purpose and ministry and so forth (details not exact) and I heard God ask me what was the biggest thing I could imagine, and then to ask Him for it. My mind’s eye drew a picture of a football stadium filled with people, and me on a platform in the middle with a microphone speaking to them. So that is my biggest dream. Not just me, but my husband. I always knew that the real dream and the real focus would come through him, and I would be a back-up and support to him in that. So although I didn’t ‘see’ it in that imagining, I know that my husband was right there too. That is my biggest dream. Danielle’s Mom asked if we had a mission statement and what it was. Here is min, knowing that vision:

    To have an effective anointed speaking and evangelism ministry. To work in a supportive role to my husband through intercession and teaching. To motivate people from any walk of life to a closer relationship with their Creator.

    Big dreams.

  2. Biggest dream for my life? To be remembered. I think it would be sad to live my life in such a way that I didn’t leave a big enough impact to not be remembered after I’m gone.

  3. At the end of the day, my biggest dream is to know that I belonged to Jesus and served Him, and that I loved my family and I loved people.

  4. Brad – Welcome! So glad you stopped by and left a comment to let me know you were here. I went to see your blog. I like the fun layout.

    To be remembered… reminds me of the movie ‘Troya’. I wish you all the best in the pursuit of that dream.

    Come back soon. :-)

  5. Annie – yes indeed, big dreams! That is fabulous that you have that image burning in your heart; and that you can go beyond an image to the point of being able to so clearly communicate what it is that you see God is going to do in your life. Amen friend. Amen.

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