All better…

Well, if you use a feed reader and tried to add my address to your site then I am deeply sorry for your difficulties. Thank you for your patience. The good news is:

It is working now. So, yay!

Along the lines of “all better” I used no less than five band-aids on my own hands this week. What’s up with that? But I am on the mend. I heard that band-aids were invented by a husband who had pity on his clumsy house wife because she was continually inflicting self injuries as she went about her daily tasks. Sometimes it is a very nice thing when husbands always want to fix things.

When is the last time that you used a band-aid?


17 thoughts on “All better…

  1. Last time I used a Band-Aid? When I cut the top of my finger off slicing some green peppers for my dog. (I’m weird, I know. But I LOVE my dog, Sam!)

  2. Birgit – If I would stop rushing so much I think I might stop getting ‘owies’. :-)

    TheNorEaster – Welcome! Ah, you love your dog. :-) I make a full tossed salad for our guinea pig – lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, and tomatoes. She just loves it!

    Brandy – Ouch! Thank you – my day is going real well.

  3. Guinea pig, eh? So, is yours a pet or dinner? ;) My friend from Ecuador likes to announce that guinea pigs are a delicacy where he lives… but… another country, another region. Just made me laugh.

  4. roo – Es una mascota, aunque hay bastante Bolivianos que les gustaria comersela. Pobrecita! Se comen los cobayos (o conejos de india) aqui tambien.

    Translation: She is a pet, though there are many Bolivians that would like to eat her. Poor little thing! The eat guinea pigs here too.

  5. I remember…(should I mention this story?) when you cut your finger really bad cutting cabbage for our family.We had to take you and all of your sibs and the kid we were babysitting to the Dr. office for stitches. A band aid is a good thing! Be kind to my Angie.

  6. Natalie – Novelty bandaids are the best!

    Mom – The screams I uttered that day could have woke the dead. I still have the scar. And I hardly ever have cabbage in the house… :-)

  7. I don’t remember the screams. Truly. I think I remember that you were quite brave and controlled. I think that i remember you were even quite calm and reassuring to the little ones.

  8. Mom – That is so funny – all I remember is the someone giving me shot of pain killer and then jerking their head away cause I screamed. Then after that scene was repeated three times they assumed that I was just screaming to scream and went ahead with the stitches, which hurt! Then when we came back to get the stitches out the nurse greeted me with, “Oh, the screamer is back.” But we all know that my memory takes on an imaginative flair.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    2nd Sweet 16 – that’s clever girl ;)

    i used a band aid last week on my left foot. crazy sandal diggin in!

    hope youre having a great Sunday!!!!

  10. Tam! – Well hello there! Thank ye kindly. :-) My Sunday has been spent in bed with tummy crummies. :-( I hate not being able to go to church. I am feeling a bit better now.

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