The Psalter

by Chagall

Attention songwriters, worship leaders, lovers of the Psalms and all human beings who experience or desire to experience life deeply. I just listened to a fabulous teaching on line available through our sending church, Word of Life Church in Saint Joseph, Missouri. It is entitled “Healing the Soul through the Psalms”. Click the following address (or cut and paste it in your browser) to be able to listen to it, free. Look for the title on the list.

Thank you, Pastor Brian and Peri, for your undying commitment to helping people.

6 thoughts on “The Psalter

  1. Still trying to figure out the configurations when I post here – – – please forgive the fonts and extra characters on the feed. I will get it. :-)

  2. Oh wow, thanks so much for this @ngie! I love the Psalms, the whole range of human experiences and feelings that are there and also the amazing insights into who God is. I love David’s love for God. I’ll look forward to this :)

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