Whenever we are at a furniture store I am always drawn to tables. They are my favorite piece of home furnishings. In this last week I have been so happy to be able to invite groups of people into my home. The size of the groups and the nature of our activities necessitated the makeshift large table created by pushing two smaller tables up against my dining room table. One big covering mostly disguised the invention.

Our first gathering was a dinner party we hosted to celebrate my birthday attended by some dear close friends. We had Chinese, great coffee, and cheesecake as we talked the night away. The eight of us had a grand time.

Last night the second group of people converged for an organizational tea. They are the leadership of my ladies group. We are a bakers dozen. Once a month I have them over for tea and we plan for the coming month. It was a lively time and I enjoyed it very much.

I think my husband saw how much fun I was having at these two get-togethers, one functional and the other recreational, because he suggested that I organize more of them. Yay! Now my mind is racing with schematics to have a nice big table made that will comfortably seat twelve and cozily seat sixteen.


10 thoughts on “Tables

  1. Hi @ngie, that sounds so great, opening your home for friends, chatting and planning and sharing yum food! It sounds like you have a real heart for hospitality. I hope God blesses you with a huge, gorgeous table for all your family and future guests :)

  2. It’s so awesome that you can do that in your beautiful LARGE apartment!!! I will pray that God will expand your table indeed.

    P.S. How do I add my picture to my comments…I don’t like being a white little ghost!

  3. Birgit – Hi! Things just seem so much better with good food.

    Libby – Thank you for your prayers.

    To answer your ghostly emoticon question I will send you an email… but for everyone else who was wondering the same thing I will post about it tomorrow. It is quite simple.

  4. Angie, that’s interesting about your favorite furniture item being a table, mine is chairs, I am drawn to them everywhere especially at g-sales. I have a couple chairs at Mom’s still that I don’t have room for here! I even had to design one for an art history class and the hardest part was narrowing it down to one design!

  5. Ok, this is cool/funny, because I have both a favorite and a theory. My favorites are pillows and lamps. My theory is that the thing you like is actually depicting something (possibly spiritually) about you. Me: I love relaxing. I pretty much have a passion for rest. Now, I know it can get into the arena of lazy and unhealthy, but really … to be told that I calm someone down, or that they feel relaxed and at ease in my presence is a real compliment. Pillow! Also, I love bringing enlightening. Shining a light on something that was a question for someone else. Lamp! I don’t know you well enough to know how a table is you, or how a chair is Emily, but perhaps you’ll draw a similarity!

  6. Annie – Your theory is intriguing. Let’s see… a table is Angie because a table is where minds meet and a connection is created by the defined space. Also, I am a piler (shame!) so I have to have some place to stack my stuff on. :-)

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