June Jamboree

If May was the Mother Month then this has been just a June Jamboree. We have been celebrating so many great things. (Listed in the order I thought of them)

For sure I will be writing more about the church’s anniversary. It is always a huge ordeal to recognize anniversaries here. More pictures to come, for now enjoy this one.

Tyler and Rachel conversing

Tyler and Rachel conversing


13 thoughts on “June Jamboree

  1. Loved your new profile pic…tres chic!!

    So is Rachel & Ty speaking in Splanglish?? I’m always amazed at toddlers learning two languages at the same time. Do they “think” in the primary household language. Is communication just that much more harder…or is it easier as there are more options. I’m sure little Tyler will do brillantly as he’s good really smart genes!! HA!

    God bless!

  2. AHhh…no edit button. Okay 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence…is a Question. And of course, Tyler has got really smart genes…good ones as well…but you know what I mean!!

  3. Libby – Thanks so much! You know I think I want to do a post about how bilingual kids learn… it is very interesting and a common question.

    So – now you are not ghost guy – just a black box and you name is not a hyperlink. Is that how you wanted it?

  4. Wow, what a great month of really special events. The events in the life of your church and ministry are so good to read, like the second year of House of Dreams, and the first year of your women’s group. It must be so exciting to see God birth these ministries and then grow them, and see people’s lives changed – so good :)

  5. Love the new profile pic. :)
    Hey! Entre Nosotros (os instead of as) was the name of my Spanish 202 textbook.
    The kids look like they are have an intense conversation.
    Have a great day!

  6. g&g – I couldn’t think of another ‘J’ alliteration that meant celebration or party. :-) Jamboree sounds like a very hick word to me (no offense to my Southern readers).

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