“Sweets & Substance” a bed time story

Once upon a time a little family went to a little party. There was music and dancing. There were games and presents. And there were tables full of desserts. They had a great time. Their plates were filled, and refilled, and stacked high again. There were sugary lumps, chocolate covered nuts, plum cakes, strawberry cakes, jello cakes, cup cakes, cheesecakes, ice-cream, caramel cream, and candies in cream. They ate and ate and ate some more. Very soon the children were running, jumping, laughing, playing, singing and seemed to be very happy. That did not last for very long and the whole family became so tired that they had to go to bed. All was peaceful and quiet. But that did not last long either. The youngest member of the family began to cry, even though it was still dark out and it would be a few more hours before the sun woke up. The father of the house tended to the child and came back to bed. The mother and the father talked about what could have been the small child’s problem. It was agreed that the child was hungry. Though he had gone to bed satisfied with a belly full of all he wanted, there was no substance to help him last through the cold dark night.

What is in your life? Is there substance to what your soul feeds on? Or do you follow your caprices and whims? If we do not take the time to fill our lives with True Substance then we will find ourselves empty and wanting when the dark cold moments of life hit us.


4 thoughts on ““Sweets & Substance” a bed time story

  1. Hi @ngie, I really like this, some really lovely descriptions. I think I have to get better at filling up on the True Substance you are speaking about. It takes time and energy and an investment into God and His Word. It is too easy to take the easy path, and spend time filling up on the quick fixes. As you say though, it does not satisfy or really get us through. It is a good reminder to seek Him for something that will last.

  2. SO true! I’ve discovered this as well … food and eating was created (and is the image of) eating of God. The milk, meat, and drink of the Word. Therefore food and all of it’s analogies are talking to us about what we fill ourselves with spiritually. Don’t you love God’s ideas?

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