Tid Bits

Some goings ons to fill you in…

  • Congratulate me… I just got my first pedicure!
  • We got a cute little guinea pig to replace the defunct Patrik
  • I am feeling really good about this evening’s womens meeting
  • Teresa is now working for me in the afternoons – yay for house help!
  • My eight-year-old son came to me this afternoon and said, “Can I have cereal?” I said, “Yes.” To which he replied, “I’m gonna have it with milk because Waffle Crisp with milk tastes like hot dogs. I love hot dogs!”

I need a snazzy title for these kinds of posts. Flotsam and Jetsam is already used. Hodge Podge is the name of my friend’s blog. I don’t want it to correlate with the day of the week because they are random.

Help me out please folks. Your input is, as always, greatly apreciated.


24 thoughts on “Tid Bits

  1. Pedicure, huh? Well congrats. I’ve never gotten one. I’m seriously ticklish and the nail techs would HATE me from laughing so much.
    Waffle crisps and milk taste like hot dogs???
    I usually just call the post “Pure Randomness”.
    Have a great day!

  2. You’re so good at creativity with words…I’m sure you’ll think of something. I’ve been trying to think of a new title myself. Love you.

  3. Let’s see… I’m blanking out here a bit but here are some ideas…
    – Mish Mash
    – Potpourri
    – Odds and Ends

    That’s hilarious about the Waffle Crisps and milk tasting like hot dogs – who knew?!
    I guess when we don’t have preconcieved notions in our mind about what something will taste like… i’ve had friends tell me that to them, root beer tastes like toothpaste!

  4. oooh… i like trail mix! go with that!

    exciting about the pedicure. was it all you hoped and dreamed?

    hot-dog flavored cereal, eh? i’ll pass; thanks anyway.

    and a huge yay for house help!

  5. Okay…fun blog titles for random posts:
    Kibbles & Bits (everytime I hear that I think of the commercial!! Ha!)
    Parks and Rest Stops – to go with the road theme or
    Speed bumps!

    How fun with the pedicure…FYI – they can be very addicting!! I like to get one every other month during the summer. I take my own polish so that I can do the touch ups as they get dinged or grow. I got one before my surgery cuz I couldn’t even imagine touching my toes afterwards. Boy was that ever a smart idea!

    The picture yesterday of Raimy and Timothy…Raimy starting to have that “pre-teen” or almost teen look!! Wowsers…they grow up sooooo fast! YIKES!

    So defunct Patrik…aka missing or in guniea pig heaven?

  6. Another fun blog title for life’s silly lessons…
    Reading Lesson

    Story behind that – my dear step-mum got on the computer to reconcile the checkbook on Quicken and came to an intriguing entry for a $75 “reading lesson” entered by my father. This puzzled her as my father was a superb reader and had a Master’s in Divinity. When she asked him why he paid $75 for a reading lesson, his reply was thus…
    “Well, when the officer pulled me over I apologized and told him I must have read the sign wrong.” His fee for wrongly reading the speed limit…you guessed it…$75.

    He was really hoping she’d never see it…when she did, it was more funny that something to be upset about!

  7. Brandy dear – I thought that same thing about the ticklishness factor – but it really wasn’t bad. My reluctance was mainly based on honor stories of cheese graters being used…

    Danielle – What titles have you been considering? …because yours is so great.

    Sarah – hmmm… now I could get into root beer flavored tooth paste. :-) funny.

    Becky – Great idea! I like it… I might do some snacky brainstorming… thanks friend!

    g&g – I really hadn’t hoped and dreamed – unless you call cheese grater nightmares dreams. I went with much fear and trembling. A friend invited me along so I thought that it was time to bite the bullet. It wasn’t so bad. But my feet were slippery afterwards- that was odd- it was like walking on a floor that had just been mopped. :-)

    Libby You crack me up!!! That story was great. :-) Speed bumps… that is nice… hm.

    Birgit – The pampering came from being able to spend time with my friend. It was very nice.

  8. You are going to have to tell me what flotsam and jetsam refer to. I’m wracking my brain and canNOT remember. It’s right there on top, but I just can’t access it.

    I can’t think of anything more creative than what’s already been thought of . . . except for maybe snapshots. I liked tidbits, too.

    I’ve had one pedicure, it was almost 7 years ago. It was fantastic, and it looked AWESOME! It was at my bridal spa just before my wedding. So I can’t get another one . . . it would profane the beautiful memory, right?. No really, I’d get another one anytime, but it would have to be a gift card. I don’t want to spend my precious blow money on a pedicure, and it didn’t make it in any other part of the budget. Though perhaps entertainment could be stretched to accomadate such a luxury, perhaps?

  9. Christy – Here is the def. :

    flotsam and jetsam ( uncountable )

    1. ( nautical ) The remains of a shipwreck still floating in water.
    2. ( figurative ) A collection of miscellaneous items of little importance.
    3. ( figurative ) People considered to be of little worth.

    The flotsam and jetsam of society were at the night club.

    4. fragments of many things


    * (2): bits and bobs, bits and pieces, odds and ends, odds and sods
    * (3): dregs

    That was taken from this site: http://www.yawiktionary.com/f/1148367529068.html

  10. Also – you are going to flip when I tell you that the pedicure AND manicure PLUS tip cost $7.00. In case you think that was a misprint I will spell it out for you: seven dollars.

    :-) Please, come to Bolivia – you can get your nails done real cheap.

  11. Okay…I may have to come to Bolivia just to get the Mani Pedi for $7.00!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!! Wowsers! I’ll have to work that into my next dream! Tee hee hee!

  12. Yeah pedicure! What color of polish girl are you??

    Hmmm.. snazzy title… I liked the other suggestions too… with Drive By being my favorite. I also just thought of Random Rundown…

  13. Another fun post title for life’s little frustrations…
    Road Rage!!! hahahaha!! or
    Traffic Jam!

    Maybe even a fun post would be on the driving “rules” or lack of in Bolivia!! Remember…no brakes allowed!!!

  14. g&g – yes – the eels too. :-)

    Amy – I like a well done French mani, or an iridescent pearl. What color do you like?

    Libby – Come! Dream! Yes!

  15. How did I miss this one?? sigh. Anyway. Very cute. Congrats on the pedicure. I have only had a few manicures or pedicures in my lifetime. I do love having my toes painted nicely, but invariably I’m more of a perfectionist than the tech, and I always wind up looking at them saying, “Are you kidding me??? I could have done it better than that!!” Which may be a little unreasonable of me (I don’t know). So I’ve taken to doing them myself. Of course, I don’t get the scrub and massage that go along with it, but … really, I was just wanting my toes to be pretty. :) I’ve even painted flowers on my big toes. :D Those are cute.

    Hot-Dog flavored cereal. :) There’s one for the books. One of my best friends loves spaghetti. Favorite dish. Reason why? It tastes like keys. ??? Apparently her parents gave her keys to chew on when she was little (which she loved I guess) and ever since any flavor that reminds her of keys she loves. Weird, huh?

  16. Annie – Can you say ‘iron deficiency’? That is funny about your key friend. Wow – flowers on the toes eh? You must be talented.

  17. You know, I never considered that it might be an iron deficiency in her! I wonder if it is? (Or was as a baby or what.)

    The flowers on the toes are a *bit* tricky … but you really just need a teeny tiny paint brush, acrylic paint (which is cheap) and a steady hand. The steady hand is the hardest part. White flowers always look the best. :) I keep trying to change the colors, but it never turns out looking so good.

  18. Annie – thanks for the toe painting tips. Sounds like fun! :-) I know my girls would love it. We are going to have to have a pretty toe party soon here at the Washington house.

  19. Hey, if you’re going to try it, you should have some clear polish on hand to go over top of the design. The acrylic will pop off really easily otherwise. I usually paint all my toes one color, then paint the flower design on when the polish is dry enough, then top it off with clear. Have fun!

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