Anyone want some Trail Mix?

The answer to that question was stated clearly from the results of the poll in the previous post. Yes, the public wants Trail Mix! Thanks for helping me out with this folks; I really appreciate it. As I was processing the final count with my man he suggested a way-cool title and he also said that his is the only vote that counts. Since we are still living in a democracy I will be applying the public opinion. Besides, if he had an entry it should have been submitted on ‘Tid Bits’, right? That is what I told him at least. If you want to know his suggestion then check back soon, I will be dedicating a post to it.

Here is a chart of the results of the poll. Charts make me happy! I will probably be having an excessive amount of polls here on @ngie just because I so dearly enjoy charts. (smile)


8 thoughts on “Anyone want some Trail Mix?

  1. It’s a good thing I voted for Fill ‘er Up!! I would hate for it to have felt neglected and unwanted!! Tee hee hee!!

    DaRonn’s a day late and a dollar short! But yes, I too would love to hear his suggestion as I’m sure it’s pretty witty!

    Oh…another good one:
    Potty Stop!!! Tee hee hee!!! Owww…hurts to laugh durn it!!!

  2. ‘Fill ‘er Up’ would have been my choice had I not put it up to a vote. :-) But I am so glad that I did invite the vote; imagine the public embarrassment if I had gone ahead with my choice – gracious no! (wink) Now when people read those two little words ‘Trail Mix’ they will have a sentimental twinge in their happy inside that says, “I was a part of that!” And they will sigh a happy sigh. At least… the majority will. The others will be like, “Man, she should have used the one I voted for!” And yet the vast multitudes will not even know about our fun little project. Such is life on the blogging highway…

  3. Alece – hmmm… I guess I could do that…

    we’ll see if you still think that after I explain his suggestion…

    you probably will…

    I hope you are well!

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