On-line Magazine

We work with pastors and leaders throughout the Spanish speaking world. The service we provide them is mainly training and equipping by way of: books, conferences, a regular e-mailer, a web site with resources, video, audio, transcripts and outlines, live streaming, and a fraternity to find prayer and support. We have recently launched an on-line magazine. One of my articles was chosen to be featured. You can click the link or copy and paste it in your browser address bar to see:


Of course, it is in Spanish, but you can still get a feel for it. After it loads you can click on the page and get a zoomed look; then move the mouse to see the parts of the page. On the bottom of the screen you will see a filmstrip of the pages of the magazine; just click on any page to see it displayed. Or you can use the arrows on the sides of the pages to flip through.

We are so thankful to the Lord that we are able to put this quality tool in the hands of pastors and leaders.


11 thoughts on “On-line Magazine

  1. Wowsers!! Way cool guys! I’m gonna have to start studying Spanish again, cuz all I got was something about eyes…lift up your eyes? UGH!!

    If you have it in English you should post it for those of us who are Spanish-challenged!! Ha!

    I’m so impressed by you and your husband’s quality of excellence in your ministry! Many others should take notes!!

  2. Annie – That green dress is one of my favorites. :-)

    Libby – Spanish-challenged!!! That is funny. :-)

    Both you wonderful cheerleaders! – Wow! Thank you for your encouraging words. I shared them with DaRonn as well. To hear what you have said helps us keep going. It means more than you can ever know.

  3. Wow that is incredible!
    What a blessing your ministry must be to all that take part in it. Your ministry must feel to these pastors like God heard their desperate prayers for support and fraternity and sent more than they could hope or imagine. I pray God’s endurance and peace over you and DaRonn as you hold up so many others in prayer and fellowship. Your ministry reminds me of Paul’s ministry to all the churches he was caring for, whether near or far they were his burden and his joy.
    Oh you have so blessed me today!

  4. Alece – We had been wanting to do this magazine for quite some time and then when we saw the program that you did your online display of the Story Tellers we were like, “That is it! That is what we have been looking for!” We had never seen such a program. So now, months later, we are finally to the place where we can launch it. Thank you ! :-)

  5. Amy – Well, thanks. I do prepare most of my teachings in Spanish and do oral interpreting for visitors when they teach – but for written material we write it in English then our publications department translates it and we read through the Spanish draft to be sure it says what we want it to and tweak as needed… just so you don’t think we are at a higher level than we are actually. :-)

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