Napkin Notes

My oldest is one of the most tender souls I know. Her whole being is sentimentality and feelings. Interacting with her as a mother I find myself helping her express, channel, and process her emotions. At times it is a huge stretch for this pragmatic pickle of a soul I possess. But it’s ok. Growth is good. Biting my lip and controling my judgementalism is good. Learning to give a tender rub on the back while I whisper soothing words instead of a light punch to the shoulder and a chipper, “Suck it up kid!” is good for me. I know that God has a good plan for my daughter and I pray that she is able to hear him leading her steps.

The other day she presented me with a folded napkin. The outside said “For Mama”, the inside I have transcribed below. Her ten year old heart is a bit more advanced than her spelling skills (corrected in the transcription); but that is ok. I am so proud of her!

Raimy's corner of my Kids Treasures For Mama buletin board
Raimy's corner of my "Kids Treasures For Mama" buletin board by my desk

Dear Mama

I’m glad you are my Mom. Because you are very nice to me. I’m very happy that you can talk to me. If you couldn’t then I could have no one to talk to when I am lonely. Thank you for taking care of me, it helps alot. I love you.



xoxoxoxoxoxoxo heart

Who have you made feel special today?


19 thoughts on “Napkin Notes

  1. Ahhh!! What a sweetie! You’re such a good Mama! I pray that I too can nurture my kids in the way they need and not necessarily the way I “need” too…so to speak.

    I was looking at my calendar this morning and I realized, a year ago today, I was with you working hard with the Dream Team kids and just having a blast! Man, a year sure did fly by!!!

  2. Oh this is so precious, what a gift!
    I love your ‘Kids Treasures For Mama’ Board –
    what a brilliant way of letting your children know how much their special drawings and notes mean to you! So great! :)

  3. Awwwww – that is so precious! How wonderful that she not only feels that, but expresses it to you in such a way. You are truly blessed.

    Mmmmm….. I think I made my husband feel special. Last night too. I got ice cream. :) After dinner, I told him I had a surprise … and brought out a pint of cookie dough ice cream. His whole being lit up (which, if you know my husband, doesn’t happen too often). “You bought ice cream?!!?!!!!!!!” :D It was great. Today we just had fun exchanging play in the morning and fun notes while we worked. :) And I have a suprise for him tonight. I won second place in a contest at work which won me a bottle of his favorite wine. I wanted to win it for him – but I didn’t tell him there was even a contest, so it’s a total suprise. :) I’m so excited. :)

  4. Libby – Get ready for a bunch of lip biting and pushing yourself into uncomfortable encounters if you want to ‘train up your child in the way he is to go’ in stead of ‘the way you think he should go.’ It’s a daily dying to self. But it is worth it. Thanks for the kind words. And your pic looks great.

    Sarah – How wonderful for you to have some cuddle time!

    Alece – muchas gracias amiguita. :-)

    Birgit – That board is my sparkle throughout the day reflecting my shining wonders all around me.

    Annie – I want to know how your second surprise turned out! :-) My husband flips over ice-cream too.

    Thumbuddy – You are just so awesome like that!

  5. The differences between my oldest and I are absolutely incredible. There are similarities, too, but our differences make me wonder how it is possible that she came from me?! Unbelieveable, but then she’s only four, too, so maybe the differences will smooth out some as we both continue to mature.

    I love Raimy’s note. What a sweetheart. You don’t seem old enough to have a 10 year old, Angie!! She expresses herself so touchingly, too. Precious gem. She’s a blessed young lady.

    I made my husband feel special today by fixing him a special meal at lunch, as he came home from work early. And I took the girls out for slushies after they helped us pick blueberries, and they thought that was just great :).

  6. Oh, he loved the wine. It made his feel especially pleased that I had tried so hard to do something nice for him.

    … and then he suggested that we sell it.

    See, it’s an enormous bottle of wine. It’s one of those one’s you see on display only. It’s roughly 4-5 times the size of a normal bottle of wine. The bottle neck is easily 2″ in diameter. It stands about 18-20″ tall, I think. And it came in a wooden box with clasps and a handle. He thinks we’ll be able to sell it for around $200. I think maybe more like $150. I don’t know if we will. We’ll see. It still is super cool that I won it. I don’t usually win contests. :)

  7. Christy – I have heard that there is a theory that the oldest of the same sex as the parent tends towards great differences and it is called the “Isaac Syndrome” (ya’ ever wonder why Abraham was to quick to obey that he went out the very next morning?). Anyway, I have heard that the conflicts are common. Yet as we are aware we can strive to overcome them.

    I went blueberry picking once when I lived in St. Joe – it was so fun.

    I need to go fix my man lunch… hmm I think we will go with pancakes. :-)

    Annie – Well, you can sell the wine and make $150, or you can spend $150 and have a few friends over for a nice dinner party and drink the wine. :-) I usually don’t win contests either – that must have felt great!

  8. Sometimes I think marriage and parenting are God’s sense of humor… having us walk around with people holding mirrors all day very day is a blessing and a burden. The blessing in the burden is that’s how we grow. Not that we need to be married or a parent to grow. But if that is your journey, I am convinced our Holy Spirit shows up in that way if we allow him to do so. A wise soul once told me, “When you get married, you lose half your life. When you have children, you lose your whole life.” He did not mean in the unhealthy codependent sense; rather, the “It’s not all about you sense.” These seasons force us to consider the greater good, stepping outside our narssisms (sp?) to experience intamacy with Chirst (if we allow Him to work that way). Which ironically is selfish because ultimately it becomes all about us again. Amazing how God works. I see you being an incredible, authentic model of this. Thank you for your courage to do so.

    Took a little break during house cleaning. No time to proof. Hopefully this little ditty from my heart makes sense.


  9. Roxanne – It is so reassuring that you feel at liberty to share from you heart here – you are welcome to do so at any conjecture you desire. What you were saying about “It’s not all about you” is so right. When we interact with other humans we are polished and shined up because of the friction, and we are better off for it even though the conflicts and challenges might be uncomfortable.

    I appreciate the encouraging words that you left for me. You made me smile. :-)

  10. That napkin is such a treasure! I can see you tucking that away and revisiting it during her teen years and adult years… to know what’s down in her girlish heart. I also loved how you talked about mothering her in the way she needs you versus the way that would be more “natural” to you… that makes you an exceptional mother.

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