Trail Mix

(We came up with a fun plan for posts with the title “Just Another Day in Bolivia”. It requires me learning some new stuff and possibly an equipment upgrade. I am not going to disclose what exactly it is yet; but I will give you a clue: it rhymes with “groovy plot”.)

Now on with the nutty, mixed-up, crunchy, munchy life I lead…

  • Met with my dear girl friends. Shared coffee and talked from the heart.
  • People watched my little people so I could do this. Yay!
  • As a family we took spaghetti to a pot luck lunch in celebration of one year of operation of a missionary friend’s 24/7 prayer center. Prayed, ate, drank and talked from the heart.
  • A gal from church picked me up so we could go out. Shared coffee and talked from the heart.
  • People watched my little people so I could do this. Double yay!
  • Chatted on line with a dear friend. Typed from the heart. FYP my dear.
  • Watched my man practice bowling.
  • On our date we ate Chinese and talked from the heart.
  • People watched my little people so I could do this. Triple yay!
  • All of the above was my Friday!
  • Saturday I chilled with the family.
  • Sunday we did our regular: church, lunch, rest and church.

And for our last little nibble some pics of my baby.

Couldn't you just eat him up?
Couldn't you just eat him up?

12 thoughts on “Trail Mix

  1. What a fun weekend! At one point sometime I thought…we haven’t heard from Ang for awhile. She must be having a nice and busy weekend! So glad to see that my hunch was correct!

    And yes, Tyler is just the cutest! He’s definitely his parents’ kid! And oh goodness…I wonder how he’ll figure out how to tame those curls as he grows older! They’re so precious!

    First thing came to mind for a guess (please forgive me) booby shot. It can’t be that cuz this is a G rated site! Tee hee hee…so the next thing that came to mind was a movie shot??

  2. Hi @ngie, sounds like you had a great weekend with friends, family and God. Love all these coffee meetings you have with friends, I love cafes! :)
    Your little one is SO cute, bless his heart.

  3. I love all the “talking from the heart” in your life… so important… so wonderful… something I’m missing at the moment, but I know when the dust settles it will return.

  4. I need to go out for coffee and talk from the heart! When did that slip out of my routine? Thanks for the inspiration. I am calling a girlfriend ight now.
    God Bless,


  5. Libby – Your second guess is close. :-) Thank you for the nice words about my baby.

    Roxx – It looks like you have a very fun family. :-)

    Birgit – If you are ever in the neighborhood we will be drinking cafe together, yes indeed! :-)

    Amy – Not until the last couple of years have I learned to value these precious talk times.

    Carin – That is so great that you were motivated to get in touch with a friend; treasure every moment. And don’t forget to get pictures.

    Dave – Welcome! Amen for prayer.

  6. Lisa – It really was wonderful, and emotional, and fun, and memorable, and good, and fulfilling, and just so many other super things. :-)

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