Have I ever mentioned that my husband is a bowler? He was letting the kids know that he was going to compete in the city wide competition at our one-and-only, ten-lane bowling alley (in a city of more than 800,000 people). Gabrielle announced, “Papa, you are a champion!” What a great kid!

He is practicing right now. Usually he and Max practice together on Fridays, the other days he just goes by himself. He took a bowling class in college for a P.E. credit. And then a couple years ago we thought it would be good if he took up an interesting pastime. He chose bowling.

There are about 25 people competing for four Mondays in a row. So far two Mondays have passed. The first week DaRonn was in first place with a lead of about 60 points. This week he and Max are tied for first with the exact same average. It will be exciting to see who takes the prize. Go DaRonn!

My papa is a champion!
My papa is a champion!

What pastime do you enjoy doing?


10 thoughts on “Champion!

  1. If I bowled with you…not your hubby as he’d make my 2-digit score look oh so sad…you’d have a ton of fun. I have been known to accidentally throw the ball backwards, give a strike to the lane next to me (my brother was THRILLED!!) and then slide down the lane myself (those things are SLICK!!!!). I do enjoy it…but not for the competitive sake!

    Pastimes I enjoy…going to a chick flick with a girlfriend or two, sipping lattes (that does count right???), playing with kids and writing/blogging/journalling, etc.

  2. Angie, I can’t wait to see the results of the bowling competition. How exciting!

    Pastimes I enjoy. Reading and watching movies, hiking in the woods (or the mountains when possible).

  3. This is so great! So cute what Gabrielle said, and great photo at the bowling alley too!

    Pastimes – meeting friends for coffee, walking, gym, reading, and movies with Michael.

    Have a great weekend @ngie :)

  4. Livvy Lu – Maybe we could do the chick flick latte combo and skip the bowling alley all together. :-)

    Becky – When (not if!) you come to Bolivia we will hike on my mountains together. :-) Yes ma’am.

    Birgit – I enjoy movies with my man too. :-) You have a good weekend too.

  5. i’m glad daronn likes bowling. you KNOW I’d be out hiking in the mountains of Bolivia!

    are there any websites for hikes there? what are some of your favorite hikes?

  6. Peri the Mountaineer – I am sure there are websites out there. I would just have to google it to find out. The only hikes I have done are here in the Cochabamba area… and I have loved them all! I have done Tunari, the Cristo, and Pairumani. I am such a novice. Friends of ours hired a guide to take them to a famous peak not too far form the city. When they got to the peak they looked across pointing to a higher mountain and said, “Isn’t that the peak we asked you to take us to?” The guide then went on to explain that this was the first time he had taken someone up a mountain, he was too embarrassed to say he didn’t know where he was going. So we will be sure to do our homework before you come.

    Danielle – yes it is. :-)

  7. Sounds like a great idea!!! So now the question is…when? and where??? Your country or mine??? Smile!

    P.S. My Dad used to call me Libby Lu…I had fond memories run through my head when I saw you called me Livvy Lu!!! How Cool!!!! (My parents called my brother Andy Roo…hence we were Libby Lu and Andy Roo!)

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