Anhelo de Mi Corazon

“Anhelo de Mi Corazon” (Heart’s Desire)

If you ask my heart it will tell you the the trip I am taking this week is long overdue. I am so excited that I can hardly type. In December we will have lived in Cochabamba for five years. Before that we lived two years in Santa Cruz. Eleven days before we moved to the city we are now in (a twelve hour bus ride away) a tiny girl became the firstborn child of dear friends of ours: Limbert and Claudia Benavides. They named the baby Angie Sarai, after me. I am going to go see them this week! Angiecita (the diminutive form of the name meaning dear little Angie) now has a brother, Elias, who is almost a year old. I am going to spend most of this week with them and will probably be away from the Internet. I am taking my camera to get a bunch of new pictures of my own. But here are some pics so you can meet my sweety.

March '08, 4 years old
March '08, 4 years old
November '03, 3 years old
November '06, 3 years old

You can pray for safe travels for me and for peace in the house as Papa will have the kids. Thank you for making this a possibility DaRonn, I love you!


12 thoughts on “Anhelo de Mi Corazon

  1. Oh how fun!!! You deserve the trip away to see friends!

    I think DaRonn needs to hijack your blog while you’re gone!! It would be fun to see a guest post from him while you’re away…although I do know he’s a VERY busy man…so maybe this would set him over the edge!! SMILE!

    Have fun…and we’ll miss you desperately!!! But will live vicariously through your stories when you are back online with us again!!

  2. She is CUTE! I love when “cita” is put on a name, it’s just so cute. My car’s name is actually Carlos, which is sometimes called Carlosita from my friends.
    Yes, yes, I name my car. His actual name is Carmen Carlos, couldn’t decide. :)

  3. Hey! I wondered where you went! I have added you to my google reader list. I have been on blogger for a while now, but didn’t want to leave my xanga friends. How is it working out for you??

  4. Okay…just gotta say….sure do miss ya when you’re gone! Sniff, sniff!

    I bet your kids will throw a party when Mamacita returns!!

  5. Livvy – It is nice to be missed. :-)

    Roxxy – Words cannot contain how honored I feel.

    Kendra – You found me! :-) I am really enjoying the switch.

    Amy – I took over a hundred pictures, but it still feels like I didn’t get enough. :-)

    Birgit – I did get a chance to relax; but the best part was being with my friends.

    Brandy – Here if a boy is named Carlos they call him Carlitos and Carmen is a girls name. Your comment made me giggle. :-)

    Totaltransformation Welcome! Glad that you stopped by and left a comment. Your daughter must be a doll. :-)

    Mandy – I hadn’t thought of it that way… it was a ton of fun.

    Alece – You are so right; it went by way too fast. We are already planning for another get together.

  6. Ahhh — I’m catching up on these a bit backwards – I kept seeing pictures of this Angiecita and wondered. :) She is so beautiful. Quite the little angel.

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