Mind Bytes* “Restart”

Just get out of bed before you can think about it.

Good, it is not as cold as I thought it would be.

I better brush my teeth so I don’t knock her out.

Warm clothes, warm clothes, warm clothes, where is my ear thingy?

Kiss my man and I am outta here.

Wow, I am so stiff! Stretching did not used to be this hard. Gently pull the door shut so the baby doesn’t wake up.

The moon is still out! It looks like it is night it is so dark.

Good, she is not waiting for me. It is starting to feel cold, I’ll walk around.

She is wearing a t-shirt! I am in long sleeves and a jacket.

What, no walking? No warm up? We are jogging pretty slow. This isn’t going to be as hard as I thought. I knew she wouldn’t let me down. I knew she would get us off to a good start and keep a good pace.

Yep, this is good.

Inhale, 1 2 3 4, exhale, 1 2 3 4, breathe, breathe, control your breathing and you control yourself, 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4…

To the bridge? Are you sure? Ok, yes, it is only a block and a half away. Let’s go.

We are doing pretty good for not running in ages. I am not hurting too much.

Ok, enough walking. Let’s go.

What? Half way already? Amazing.

Just keep moving.

Whoa, that dog is a bit too close for comfort. I should have picked up a rock before we left. There he’s going away.

Come on, you can make it to the plazuela. Just keep moving. I’ll open my stride and use different muscles to finish this bit. There, that wasn’t so bad. This is a good route.

I can see home. I wonder if Wednesday will be as easy as this one was. I am glad we are running again. I imagine we ran about 75% of the half hour we were out. That is not bad.

Ouch, climbing my stairs shouldn’t hurt this much. Oh good, the baby is still asleep. Everyone is still asleep. Just keep moving. Hop in the shower before you have to change the diaper and fill the juice cup.

Why am I coughing so much? Maybe my body is cleaning itself out. Yep, that’s gotta be it. All the impurities coming out. This is good. I’ll have to blog about this. I wonder how I should do it. Why am I talking to myself? That is it. I’ll call the blog self-talk. But I am not really talking – I am just thinking. Comfy clothes, comfy clothes, comfy clothes, where are my slippers? Where is my bible?

*We all do it. We talk to ourselves. The sophisticated pros call it ‘self-talk’. In a theatrical production it is like unto a soliloquy. Whatever it is, here’s some from my head.


21 thoughts on “Mind Bytes* “Restart”

  1. :) Do you know, the pastor was just talking about self talk in his sermon yesterday! He was mentioning all the things people do that they have control over, and which could alter their experience of life. On self-talk, he was saying that if you notice, much of people’s self-talk seems to be negative in nature: “Darn it, why do I do that all the time?” “The money’s short again! We’ll never get out of debt.” “The kids toys are everywhere still! I told them to clean up!” And if we just take note of our self-talk, we can harness it, and use it to speak what is good and right and Godly about our lives. “The bills are short again. Well, thank you Lord, I’m not supposed to be moved by what I see, and You have promised to provide for us.” “My kids are such a blessing of the Lord. Even when they try my patience, I wouldn’t trade them for a thousand clean houses.”

    The other areas he talked about (in case you’re interested) were music and fighting (I think maybe one more, but I’m having trouble remembering right now). Music – that you can choose to listen to music that brings you down or music that lifts you up. Fighting – that every human has the instinct to fight. In this, we have to remember that our real fight is not against flesh and blood, and if we focus our instinct to fight towards the right enemy, we’ll actually accomplish much, instead of frustrating ourselves and others.

    Anyway. Totally cool you were thinking about self-talk. :)

  2. brilliant inter-scope…

    some of my favorite bible snippets are David’s rebukes to his soul: be still my soul.
    why so downcast, oh my soul.
    put your hope in God.

    i think that somehow, these self-talks can also become prayers.

  3. I always talk to myself and I sometimes answer.
    So…question, could you send me your email address? I have something on my heart that I would like to tell you about. I did put my email addy on here, but will add it in the comment section just in case.

  4. Brandy – an email is on the way…

    Mandy – I agree that these heart whispers can turn into prayers. I had never thought of that before – but it stands to reason.

    g&g – Granted, these were only a few snippets of thousands of thoughts that filled that hour from the time I got up to the time I was done. There are many times when my self-talk is frightening, as you say. I must say that in the morning my mind tends to be clearer and uncluttered making it much easier to stay on top of the mental stuff and keep my mind in the right place – thus the mornings are the best time for me to exercise now because I really do have to pump myself up for it at this stage of re-entry. Thanks for the kudos friend.

    Annie – That is so cool that your pastor was talking about the same thing. :-) Good truths there.

    Roxx – What part of this did you see truth in? (Just curious.) :-)

  5. I have been known to do my self talk out loud when I’m by myself. You know I’m REALLY mad at myself when I refer to myself as “Kleeman” (my maiden name)!

    I bet I know who your running partner is!!! You should tell her I said, Hola!!!

  6. I hate it when I’m not signed in and the little ghost is back! I guess that’s my alter-ego!!

    I’ll try to keep it contained!

  7. Kleeman is reserved for only the MOST serious of offenses like….locking the keys in the house on a 100 degree day and you’re standing in a long tank dress (kinda like PJs but a tad nicer) and you’re hair is in disarray with yesterday’s makeup smudged across your face cuz it’s Saturday and who does their hair when you have no plans. So you go to the garage to try to figure out how you’re gonna break in your own house…cuz even the cellphone is inside …never mind the fact that you have GOOD neighbors 2 doors down who might be home…but that would mean walking down the sidewalk looking like a complete fright! The front window is unlocked…but again, the fright thing, plus breaking into your own house…and just how exactly would you explain that to the cops????
    So in the garage you find a 2 inch long screw driver and a small 3 step-ladder and you proceed to take down the 6 foot storm window that is hung 4 ft off the ground while standing on tip-toes in you’re bare feet with the again, 2-inch screw driver to take off the VERY large window by one’s self (that durn pride thing will getcha EVERY time!). Once the storm window is down and you haven’t sliced off your fingers, you some how manage to get it to the garage only to figure out now, how the heck to get through the window. It’s painted shut…but with some prodding…YESS!!! It goes up…only to slam down with a big BANG!!! Great…that could have been me in there! Back to the garage…something to prop the window open with….hmmm yes, that will do! Screw off the rubber part of the plunger and voila! Yes, a wooden propper-upper thing! (Don’t ask me why one has a plunger in the garage…but it was a God thing at such a time as this!!) So back to the window…prop it open, climb through tank dress and all after pushing items near the window away and crashing to the floor! Quickly close window, unlock door….leave open while one hides all signs of one’s stupidity back into the garage. Grab one ice cold Diet Coke, bump up the A/C and ahhhhh…THANK GOD THAT’s OVER!!!!

    This is a “KLEEMAN, what are you thinking?” stupidity moment!!! Just in case you were wondering!!!

    And YES…it REALLY did happen!!!!!!

    And why do I have this funny feeling that you’re bent over laughing with tears in your eyes??? Surely this kinda stuff happens to you too!!!!!?!?

  8. Hm, I loved this post. The thinking “out loud” is something I do often in writing-form. Maybe not on my blog, per say, but at least in writing other things. It made me smile to “hear” your thoughts.
    Sorry, friend. I’ve been lurking.
    I should really get rid of my feed-reader and just bookmark my faves. Or maybe be less silent. :)

  9. “This is good. I’ll have to blog about this. I wonder how I should do it. Why am I talking to myself?” Ha, ha, loved this bit! :)

    This post is great, it’s interesting and funny to actually write out the thoughts that go around in our minds. I loved the style this post is written in too … and good on you for getting up so early to go for a jog! :)

  10. this was good.

    i can relate to the: please don’t wake up until i take a shower.

    i like your thoughts.

  11. Oh my Libby – I might just have to adopt that word ‘Kleeman’ for moments of such hilariously frustrating accts such as you describe here. Ha! You keep me in stitches girl.

    roo – Lurk all you want, I’ll write more. :-) Just to know that you are keeping up on me is a real treat. Thanks for the comment, I do enjoy hearing from you.

    Birgit – I use that phrase “good on you” too from my six weeks in Australia. My brother and sister went to New Zealand so we use it together. Thank you!

    Thumbuddy o’ mine – I like you! :-)

  12. You’re officially adopted into the Kleeman Klan (NOT to be confused with the KKK…but an equally as crazy BUT fun group!!) so you can now officially use “KLEEMAN!!!” while upset at yourself. It is better than any other worty dird and almost as fun to use as my most favorite…BUG SOUP!!!!

    You’re also now welcome to the Kleeman gathering in Pryor, Oklahoma over Thanksgiving weekend. We’re known for having a TON of food, a TON of fun and some mean Mexican train domimo games!!

  13. I’m a bit ashamed, but every time I see “Kleeman,” I think it’s Kleenex. Maybe just because my allergies have been killing me lately. ;)

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