Funny Fruit – Pil Frut

My kids like to drink their milk from bags. The company is called Pil (pronounced: peel) and they make individual sized bags of flavored milk. Pictured here you have pineapple, orange, apple and peach. Also available are flavors such as maracuya, mango and mandarin. They also make fruit flavored yogurt that comes in the same sized bags.

We had a boy visit us from the States and we all went to the post office so that he and his brother could send post cards to their grandma. If memory serves the only thing that he wrote was, “We drink milk from bags.” I smile every time I think about that. Felipe, you are always welcome back to this fine country.

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37 thoughts on “Funny Fruit – Pil Frut

  1. I drank some flavored soymilk while I was there. It was in a light green bag and was SUPER yummy…although I forget the flavor. It was something like Kiwi fruit or some other “strange” fruit. Too bad you can’t bring that back too the States!!

  2. After looking at your other funny fruit posts, I think it was Chirimoya flavored if there’s such a thing!

  3. Fun! Although, I must say, I like milk all by it’s lonesome … not a fan of it mixed with fruit. I suppose it would taste something like a smoothie though, huh? Thanks for the look into your lives! I like these posts. :) (well, I like all of them) Thanks, Angie!

    By the way, thank you for your kind words about my picture. :) You’re too nice. That shot was getting ready for a 24-hour bus trip, so I wasn’t exactly at my finest. :) But thank you. :)

  4. What a DARLING picture of Gabrielle enjoying that milk!! Looks like and ad for the stuff! Kudos to the photographer, too!!

  5. I dunno if ‘Lecey will see this, but I’ve a story for her… and you, @ng.
    The only way my mom could get me to take a bottle when I was a baby was to put strawberry milk in it.
    Now, I hate the stuff.
    End story.

  6. I thought of CapriSun when you said milk in bags, that is similar I guess, but it might sound equally strange to say we drink milk from a box, and then you have to think about an even stranger thing – wine from a box!

  7. wow, roo! all this hoo-ha over breast milk vs. formula… and here you are, raised on strawberry milk, and probably the smartest person i know! (and of course, hot hot hot as well!)

  8. Em’ – You last line reminded me of one of our most favorite lines form a movie. In ‘Monster in Law’ the faithful secretary goes, “Come on weather girl; let buy you a box of wine.” Hilarious!

    roo – I like you story. I will make sure Alece sees it so that she can actually complete the atrocious act that she almost committed up there in comment #3. :-) They give kids coffee and soda in bottles down here. Yikes!

    this just in my in-box: Alece did read the story. but I am leaving my comment up because i like it :-)

  9. Ha! I love it, too! I’m for it!
    Recently, (in the last few years), my mom brought home a half-gallon of strawberry milk. She thought I’d drink it. Gracias, no.

  10. My mom bought us some snack for when we were visiting for furlough last year and we didn’t touch them – they used to be our favorite. Moms… :-)

  11. Anita bonita – Wow, I am gad to hear that you like my posts. That was nice of you to say. :-) I was say that it takes like a melted smoothy, but not so sweet.

    Brandy Yes, they do that in Chile. I am a huuuuuge dairy fan. yum.

    Alece – Fruity milk is a specialty here. In fine restaurants you can get fresh fruits blended with milk and it is really yummy… if you like fruity milk that is. :-)

    Libby – Could have been chirimoya… I remember that you liked it. Since I can’t take it back with me you will just have to come back for the yummy goodness. :-)

  12. in SA – everyone gives their babies bottles of hot tea — complete with milk and TONS of sugar. (it’s the african way).

    i’ll pass on that delicacy when i come to bolivia…

  13. Yes – tons of sugar – all the time. I had to get a bigger sugar pot for when I had people over because my little one always ran out. i am like, “Would you like some coffee with your sugar?”

  14. you can pass on the fruity milk just as long as you don’t pass on the coming to Bolivia part. You made my heart go pitter-pat when I read that.

  15. it’s funny to me (the sugar thing) cause normally i’d think americans are the over-sugar-users. but, at least this american is left int he dust when it comes to the sugar scoops.

    pitter-pat?! awww… i’d love to come there someday!

  16. ha ha — thanks for fixing it!! you rock.

    and i need to run… heading out to get my hair cut! (i can’t believe how quickly it grows now! it looks like a mop!)

    AND… my man is boarding a plane soon-ish to head to my coast. i am excited just thinking about it!

  17. Shame! Of course it would be on fiah just as soon as I step into the shower for a bit. Gr.
    Yay, Alece! Yay for homecomings of sorts! :D
    And moms are great for those things. The remembering what we used to like. Even if we do grow out of it. Ha!

  18. It was great – put me to sleep really tired. :)
    And I love your funny fruit posts. Have I told you that? They’re maybe my favorite. Because I love fruit, and you… you… you’re so good at relating things. And that makes me think and smile.

  19. hmmmm…. fruit flavored milk from bags… I love hearing about the different things you stock from your grocery stores/markets!!

    That photo is adorable!!

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