Upon viewing my kitchen for the first time a friend said, “I would cook all the time if I had a kitchen like this.” Her big beautiful eyes scanned our spacious place and she smiled a dreamy smile.

The roof in the views is of the market, our next door neighbor. The glaring afternoon sun is washing out the mountain range. Outlined against the firey orange sky at sunset the jagged edges are pronounced and marvelous.

Thinking of these images and my precious readers (that would be you), I am trying to formulate a kind invitation and I remember that I have a pending bagel making get together. Now I have the perfect invite: what would you like to make together if you were to come to my house?


22 thoughts on “Eat

  1. I’d like to get in on those reservations :) but I’m also with the cookiness. I don’t cook many roll-out and decorate cookies because we just don’t have the counter space. But your sugar cookies one of the times we were at your house for coffee were delicioso!

  2. Oooh, what a beautiful kichen! Gorgeous, and so much counter space! Of course, I can’t complain, I’ve got a big nice kitchen too, with “peninsula” (I don’t know what else to call it, breakfast bar?) that separates the kitchen from the dining area.
    Let’s see… if I came to your house, I’d be there for more than one meal since I’m coming from so far =) So first we’d make a big batch of cinnamon rolls, then maybe some lasagna, maybe bread to go with it, and then some of your favorite cookies =) Yum yum!

  3. I love that you are sharing your home with us…

    and lets see… I would make Stromboli… I think you’d like it… and it’s an “active” thing to make… pounding dough, etc… good domestic therapy ;)

  4. Wow, that is nice and big. Yeah for you!

    I would help you find a dishwasher (it doesn’t look like you have one) and until then we’d get take out and use disposeable dishes. Then….we’d cook hot turkey sandwiches and mashed potatoes. And. chocolate shakes.

  5. Oh wow – your kitchen is beautiful! So warm! Amazing views too. That’s incredible.

    What would we cook? Anything. A totally new recipe? (I tend to gravitate towards those – although my new ‘recipes’ are usually just off the cuff – I just throw stuff together.) Otherwise – totally not picky. I just like the spending of time. :)

  6. Ahhh!! You kitchen looks so much bigger with the island turned!! It leaves plenty of room for little Tyler to tootle around on a push car of some sort beneath your feet as you cook!

    I would make Libby’s famous homemade rolls…of which there is also a cinnamon roll version too. They take awhile to make (rise a total of 3 times!!) but they are SOOOO worth the sacrafice!! (I think I spelled that wrong!) I can smell ’em right now!! Nothing smells better than bread of any sort baking in the oven!! It can make any domestically challenged woman feel like a domestic goddess for a moment or two…that lasts as long as the fresh bread does. Typically…it flys away fast!!

  7. Hi @ngie, I love these pics of your home! Your home looks so inviting and warm, and I can’t believe the space – in your living room and also your kitchen. Space is precious thing here in London :)

    What would we make? I’d ask you to teach me a traditional Bolivian meal :) What are some of the new foods that you have tried since living in Bolivia?

  8. Thanks for the grand tour! I’m loving this. You have wonderful airy SPACE, where you don’t have to have your furniture on the walls. And I like the “Better Homes and Gardens” look you give it. Have you made a huge batch of apple sauce in your kitchen with the kids? But, if it were up to me the kitchen would be a show case and we would eat out!

  9. @Mom – You remember our little orange house in Santa Cruz. Charming and quaint – but tiny. The “Better Homes and Gardens” look might be the wonderful sunshine lighting and the angle of the camera shot. Apple sauce – I would love to do that with the kids. I will have to get our recipe from you. Would you post it on our family site? Hm…. canning jars… I think I know where they sell them in the market.

    @Birgit – We would try our hand at Silpancho, Pasteles y Api, and Saltenas. :-) I think I would have to do a whole post of the new foods I have tried since I have been here, there are just soooooo many. Along with the three mentioned above there is: Pique Macho, any number of soups, Yuca Frita, so many fruits and lots of baked goods.

    @Brandy – Bienvenida. :-) Um… yeah… no… there are some things that Bolivians do well… desserts is definitely not one of them. :-/ But, I do some very fine desserts. :-)

    @Libby Lu – Oh cinnamon rolls! yum yum yum!

    @Annie – That is how DaRonn cooks… recipes schmecipes.

    @Thumbuddy – That meal sound divine! I have a dish washer, her name s Teresa. :-) Dishwashers a rarity here. And the one I have seen in a persons house over five years ago was broken because a part they needed was on backorder because the machine was imported.

    @Amy – Stromboli sounds intriguing; I have never heard of it before. Let’s do it! :-)

    @Sarah – I would love for you to teach me how to make your bread. Your kitchen is wonderful – I remember the pics.

    @Laura – You can come over anytime you like to use my kitchen. :-) It has been a while since I have made my sugar cookies; I should do that.

    @Emily – Most kitchens in Bolivia are tiny too. I helped design the layout of this one. They were perplexed by some of my ideas.

    @Natalie – Yes! I do cookies often. yum. :-)

  10. looks so welcoming! I’m thinking Thanksgiving dinner! And I like the other picture of your living room. At the moment mine is covered in toys and odds and ends! Glad I’m not the only one.

  11. @Mo – Glad to know you are easy to please; that is definitely a prerequisite for eating in my kitchen. :-)

    @Faith – Oh, you are not the only one, that is for sure. :-)

    @Carin – Sounds perfect. :-)

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