Without Words

The cell phone sat inconspicuously beside my sunglasses. I donned the latter and didn’t think twice about leaving the former. Stuffing some cash in the pocket of my favorite jeans I was out the door and flagging down a cab. The fresh air and late afternoon sun was already affecting me for the better. I had to get out, away. After all that has been going on I needed to retreat in an attempt at restored sanity.

First stop a tiny little grocery store that imports products from the United States. Yes! Real brown sugar! I filled my arms and went to the front desk. I suddenly remembered and asked, “Do you have Frappuccinos?” What flavor would you like? I could hardly believe my ears! After making my purchases I walked a couple blocks to a friends house near that heavenly shop. She wasn’t home so a walked a couple more blocks to my favorite plaza in town: Columbus Plaza (pictured above).

I found a bench in the shade near the fountain and sat. Hurriedly I popped the top off of my cold delicious drink and began sipping. I felt my shoulders relax as I began to take in all my surroundings. Laughing children chasing the pigeons. Tourists snapping pictures. A dozen red-masked parakeets playing loudly in the tops of the palm trees dipping and chasing each other. Smiley braided Bolivian women selling fruity goods from their carts. Orange juice and their peels and watermelon wedges were the revitalizing scents present. An older gentleman made his way to my bench and gingerly sat on the other end. Smiles were exchanged. The fountains came on; the spray carried on the breeze was refreshing. For the greater part of an hour I sat, sipped and soaked in the sights, sounds and smells. I smiled. I was happy. The best part was the freedom from words. The noisy silence of the hum of park in the city was just the right amount of stimulation, not too overwhelming and not too deafeningly quiet. Too much quiet leaves me with my thoughts. I didn’t need that right this moment. I let myself be carried away. It was very good.

( image from wikipedia )


24 thoughts on “Without Words

  1. Oh Ang! I wish I was there to give you a big hug and an encouraging peptalk. We humans have an awful habit of sometimes speaking before thinking which reaks havoc on other humans!

    The plaza looks delightful and I’m so glad you were able to find a Frappuccino to sip and savor as well. Coffee will fix ALMOST everything in my book!! In fact my favorite pastor often says, “Faith without coffee is DEAD!!!” I whole heartedly agree!!

    Big, big hugs!

  2. @Natalie – it was a much needed time

    @Danielle – it was good for me

    @Libby – a hug from you would be very nice

    @Anita – it was revelatory

    @Alece – oxygenation is grossly underrated

    @Mo – that it was

    @Sarah – that shop is a lifesaver at times

  3. Oh Angie, I LOVE that first picture you took. It’s so beautiful.
    Those kind of days are good…just you and God chilling and taking in the lovely things of the world you live in.

  4. Ang, I like how you group your blogs in mini-series. Makes it fun to follow and to get different angles on the subject. On this subject, I love your picture, very postcardesque. Sounds like a peaceful private time. Sometimes I wish life had more of those built in. I have to apologize for being surprised that words are attacking you. I guess I thought you were safely in a bubble, happily carrying on God’s will for your life. I am sorry. Stand strong and listen to the Lord. He told me Sunday that He will “carry me through,” I believe He will carry you too as He always has.

  5. @Amy – :-)

    @Em’ – Thank you for the encouragement, sis’. You are awesome! I am glad to hear that you like the series idea. Sometimes it is planned. Usually it is spontaneous because of what is happening at this juncture. I love you!

  6. That sounds like such a nice, relaxing time. I was totally able to envision your little retreat – you have such a way with words. When we were in language school I used to sometimes take a “taxi” (public transport like a minivan that 15 or more would squeeze into!) down to a mall by myself, and go to Starbucks and get a frappucino. It was like stepping into a little piece of america just for an hour or so. We don’t have anything like that here in Papua!!! I’m glad you’ve found a way to get a little relaxation and a short getaway!

  7. I hate that I wasn’t home (I’m thinking I was the within blocks visit) but I’m kind of glad I wasn’t :) so that you had the opportunity to refresh. I think it’s something not only so good for your soul, but for your work here, to look around and be reminded of the beautiful things about the life as we know it here in Cbba! Someday I hope I can sit next to you on that bench, whether in chatter or silence, it will be good (only I think I might have to have a Razzle in hand instead :)

  8. @Laura – Yes, you are the friend. I totally get what you were saying about being glad that you were gone so that I could have this moment. Let’s plan to get together soon. :-)

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