What Can You Fit in a Manila Envelope?

Remember the old Johnny Carson sketches when he held the envelope to his forehead? My grandpa went to school with Johnny Carson. He had a communications class with him. But that is beside the point. I want to return to the magical powers that he had with the envelope. Actually I want to talk to you about another magical envelope: the magical manila envelope. It is the envelope that you fill with lots of stuff and then take to the teleporters station (the postal service – you didn’t know they had super powers? well they do) and they cast a spell over that envelope and it arrives in a mysterious little box here in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It really is an amazing thing. I dare you to try it sometime. It really is thrilling!

But you need to know some basic magic skills. Straight from the pages of my spells book I will let you in on these secrets for a successful magical experience every time. You have to know some magic numbers, magic colors and some magic words.

Magic Numbers:

4 – this is how many pounds of non-perishable items that you can fit into the envelope. If you are working with kilos then you cut that 4 in half and take it down to 2. Up to this amount saves us from standing literally all day in line to release the item from customs. Anything over this weight can be conveniently split between multiple envelopes.

20 – this is the greatest U.S. dollar amount that you will claim as the combined value of the items in the envelope. Up to this amount saves us from paying an inflated tax to release the item from customs.

Magic Colors:

Manila – this is the color of the envelope. They come lined with bubble wrap if you need that.

White – this is also an acceptable color for the envelope.

Black – this is the ink color of permanent marker that you would print the magic words in.

Magic Words

These are the magic words that you print clearly on your plump envelope to ensure the proper functioning of the teleporting powers:

Angie Washington

Casilla 1835

Cochabamba, Bolivia

You might be asking what to stuff into the envelope. I am glad you want to know! Please feel free to be creative as you like. You might want to try this whole incantation process various times to see which items work the best. Here are some starter ideas.

DaRonn: blank journals, notebooks, legal pads, cool pens, Snickers, M&Ms of all varieties, peanut-butter cups, socks (shoe size 11) and encouraging notes.

Angie: books (classics, thinking fiction and blank journals or notebooks), Tazo tea, cool pens, dried fruit, Peeps and chocolate.

Raimy: art supplies, girly pre-teen paraphernalia, fiction books for girls, dresses (size of an almost 11 year old), socks, tights, fun jammies, candy and hair things.

Timothy: oragami paper and books, any building thing, science kits, computer games for a boy going into fourth grade, candy, chess, battleship and other board games.

Gabrielle: art supplies, styish clothes for a tall girl who is seven but looks like she is eight, fun hats, fun slippers, fun jammies, candy, and science books.

Tyler: Candy, toddler toys, toddler books and toddler puzzles. (He is two.)

Ministry: Spanish books for toddlers to first grade, Spanish children’s music CDs, and art supplies for a group of 15 pre-school aged kids.

make some magic happen today
make some magic happen today

12 thoughts on “What Can You Fit in a Manila Envelope?

  1. I love it….very creative way to get some manila packages! :) I related to so much of the “rules”…..it must be that way in most foreign countries! :) Here’s hoping your mailbox is full of wonderful goodness!!!

  2. @Alece (and any other uninformed reader) – You have never seen “Carnac the Magnificent”? Culture yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnac_the_Magnificent
    I was going to put a YouTube link but all the skits are about 5 minutes long and I didn’t know if you wanted to wait forever for a bunch of one-liners to down load. :-) AND – genius?! I wouldn’t be one to argue with an intelligent being like yourself so I will simply say: Why thank ye kindly ma’am.

    @Sarah – Yes! May your hope come to fruition! :-)

    @Anita la inspirada – I love you!

  3. @Carin – That is a great question! They say it takes from 10 days to 10 weeks. But, it is usually closer to the 10 days side of things.

    @Danielle – I am glad you thought it was fun.

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